Gathering Native Scholars: UCLA's Forty Years of American Indian Culture and Research

Edited by Kenneth Lincoln, 2009

This collection features the best of the past forty years of scholarship published in the multidisciplinary American Indian Culture and Research Journal. Selected by editor Kenneth Lincoln for their significance in shaping the field of American Indian Studies, the articles that comprise Gathering Native Scholars: UCLA`s Forty Years of American Indian Culture and Research will be of value to students and scholars in history, law, education, cultural studies, English, Native American Studies, and many other academic, professional, and lay fields.

Cherokee scholar Jace Weaver writes, "Modern Native American Studies grew out of the rich ferment of the 1960s, and AICRJ has been there almost from the start. From founders like Vine Deloria and Paula Gunn Allen to newer voices like Devon Mihesuah and David Treuer, from law to literature, to religion, to disability studies, AICRJ has seen it all. . . . Ken Lincoln has done us all a service with this anthology by reminding us just how formative the journal has been for the field."

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