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American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 45, No. 1 (2021) 


  • An Introduction to Settler Science and the Ethics of Contact by David Delgado Shorter and Kim TallBear
  • Indigenous Studies Working Group Statement by Sonia Atalay, William Lempert, David Delgado Shorter, and Kim TallBear
  • On the Frontier of Redefining "Intelligent Life" in Settler Science by David Delgado Shorter
  • From Interstellar Imperialism to Celestial Wayfinding: Prime Directives and Colonial Time-Knots in SETI by William Lempert
  • Imaginative Cosmos: The Impact of Colonial Heritage in Radio Astronomy and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Rebecca Charbonneau


  • “What’s on the earth is in the stars; and what’s in the stars is on the earth”: Lakota Relationships with the Stars and American Relationships with the Apocalypse by Suzanne Kite

Creative Nonfiction

  • Close Encounters of the Colonial Kind by Kim TallBear


  • Breath and Smoke: Tobacco Use among the Maya. Edited by Jennifer A. Loughmiller-Cardinal and Keith Eppich. Reviewed by David Carey Jr.
  • Dakota in Exile: The Untold Stories of Captives in the Aftermath of the U.S.–Dakota War. By Linda A. Clemmons. Reviewed by Richmond L. Clow
  • The Dakota Sioux Experience at Flandreau and Pipestone Indian Schools. By Cynthia Leanne Landrum. Reviewed by Robert W. Galler Jr.
  • Distorted Descent: White Claims to Indigenous Identity. By Darryl Leroux. Reviewed by J?rgen Werner Kremer
  • Knowing Native Arts. By Nancy Marie Mithlo. Reviewed by Gerald Clarke
  • Native Hoops: The Rise of American Indian Basketball, 1895–1970. By Wade Davies. Reviewed by Dina Gilio-Whitaker
  • Policing Indigenous Movements: Dissent and the Security State. By Andrew Crosby and Jeffrey Monaghan. Reviewed by Stephanie Lumsden
  • Possessing Polynesians: The Science of Settler Colonial Whiteness in Hawai‘i and Oceania. By Maile Renee Arvin. Reviewed by Nicole Ku’uleinapuananiolikoawapuhimelemeleolani Furtado
  • Sámi Media and Indigenous Agency in the Arctic North. By Coppélie Cocq and Thomas A. Dubois. Reviewed by Beverly Diamond
  • The Small Shall Be Strong: A History of Lake Tahoe’s Washoe Indians. By Matthew S. Makley. Reviewed by Patrick De?ileligi Burtt


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