American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 37, No. 1 (2013) 




  • After Custer: Loss and Transformation in Sioux Country. By Paul L. Hedren. Reviewed by Robert D. Miller
  • Alternative Contact: Indigeneity, Globalism, and American Studies. By Paul Lai and Lindsey Claire Smith. Reviewed by Kristina M. Jacobsen
  • America’s Hundred Years’ War: U.S. Expansion to the Gulf Coast and the Fate of the Seminole, 1763–1858. Edited by William S. Belko. Reviewed by Joyotpaul Chaudhuri
  • American Indians and the Market Economy, 1775–1850. Edited by Lance Greene and Mark R. Plane. Reviewed by James Taylor Carson
  • Anishinaabe Syndicated: A View From the Rez.  By Jim Northrup. Reviewed by Anna J. Willow
  • The Dream of a Broken Field. By Diane Glancy. Reviewed by Tria Andrews
  • Federal Fathers and Mothers: A Social History of the United States Indian Service, 1869–1933. By Cathleen D. Cahill. Reviewed by Jonathan Byrn
  • Gender and Sexuality in Indigenous North America, 1400–1850. Edited by Sandra Slater and Fay A. Yarbrough. Reviewed by Lisa Tatonetti
  • In The Belly of a Laughing God: Humour and Irony in Native    Women’s Poetry. By Jennifer Andrews. Reviewed by Molly McGlennen
  • Life Stages and Native Women: Memory, Teachings, and Story Medicine. By Kim Anderson. Reviewed by Cutcha Risling Baldy
  • Queer Indigenous Studies: Critical Interventions in Theory, Politics, and Literature. Edited by Qwo-Li Driskill, Chris Finley, Scott Laurie Morgensen, and Brian Joseph Gilley. Reviewed by T. J. Tallie
  • Recognition Odysseys: Indigeneity, Race, and Federal Tribal     Recognition Policy in Three Louisiana Indian Communities. By Brian Klopotek. Reviewed by Stephanie May de Montigny
  • Reservation Reelism: Redfacing, Visual Sovereignty, and Representations of Native Americans in Film. By Michelle H. Raheja. Reviewed by Clementine Bordeaux
  • Rez Life: An Indian’s Journey Through Reservation Life. By David Treuer. Reviewed by Benjamin Ramirez-shkwegnaabi
  • Seeing Red: A History of Natives in Canadian Newspapers. By Mark Cronlund Anderson and Carmen L. Robertson. Reviewed by Robert D. Miller
  • Spaces Between Us: Queer Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Decolonization. By Scott Lauria Morgensen. Reviewed by Nadine Attewell
  • The Militarization of Indian Country. By Winona LaDuke. Reviewed by Thomas A. Britten
  • The Transit of Empire: Indigenous Critiques of Colonialism. By Jodi A. Byrd. Reviewed by Michael B. Cavanaugh
  • Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums: Preserving Our Language, Memory, and Lifeways. Edited by Loriene Roy, Anjali Bhasin, and Sarah K. Arriaga. Reviewed by Kenneth Wade
  • Weaving Strength, Weaving Power: Violence and Abuse Against Indigenous Women. By Venida S. Chenault. Reviewed by Gabriela Spears-Rico
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