American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 36, No. 3 (2012) 



  • American Indian Nations from Termination to Restoration, 1953- 2006. By Roberta Ulrich. Reviewed by Laurie Arnold
  • From Chicaza to Chickasaw: The European Invasion and the Transformation of the Mississippian World, 1540-1715. By Robbie Ethridge. Reviewed by Peter N. Peregrine
  • The Dance of Person & Place: One Interpretation of American Indian Philosophy. By Thomas M. Norton-Smith. Reviewed by Laurelyn Whitt
  • The Edge of the Woods: Iroquoia, 1534-1701. By Jon Parmenter. Reviewed by Michael J. Mullin
  • Firsting and Lasting: Writing Indians Out of Existence in New England. By Jean M. O’Brien. Reviewed by Lisa Brooks
  • Indigenous Miracles. Nahua Authority in Colonial Mexico. By Edward W. Osowski. Reviewed by José Carlos De La Puente Luna
  • King Philip’s War: Colonial Expansion, Native Resistance and the End of Indian Sovereignty. By Daniel R. Mandell. Reviewed by John M. Shaw
  • Kiowa Military Societies: Ethnohistory and Ritual. By William C. Meadows. Reviewed by Max Carocci
  • Muscogee Daughter: My Sojourn to the Miss American Pageant. By Susan Supernaw. Reviewed by Renae Bredin
  • The Peyote Road. By Thomas Maroukis. Reviewed by Orit Tamir
  • Pox, Empire, Shackles, and Hides: The Townsend Site, 1670-1715. By Jon Bernard Marcoux. Reviewed by James H. O’Donnell
  • Red Power Rising: The National Indian Youth Council and the Origins of Native Activism. By Bradley G. Shreve. Reviewed by Bryan Rindfleisch
  • Red, White & Black: Cinema and the Structure of US Antagonisms. By Frank B. Wilderson III. Reviewed by Joanna Hearne
  • Rich Indians: Native People and the Problem of Wealth in American History. By Alexandra Harmon. Reviewed by Douglas K. Miller
  • The Sacred White Turkey. By Frances Washburn. Reviewed by Miriam Brown Spiers
  • Spirits of Our Whaling Ancestors: Revitalizing Makah and Nuu-chah-nulth Traditions. By Charlotte Coté. Reviewed by Chris B. Wooley
  • Theoretical Perspectives on American Indian Education: Taking a New Look at Academic Success and the Achievement Gap. By Terry Huffman. Reviewed by Christie Poitra
  • War Parties in Blue: Pawnee Scouts in the US Army. By Mark Van De Logt. Reviewed by James Riding In
  • We are an Indian Nation: A History of the Hualapai People. By Jeffrey P. Shepherd. Reviewed by Pamela Graves
  • Wives and Husbands: Gender and Age in Southern Arapaho History. By Loretta Fowler. Reviewed by Helen M. Bannan

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