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American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 35, No. 4 (2011) 

Special Edition Indigenous Performances: Upsetting the Terrains of Settler Colonialism

Articles (click on the links below to view abstracts)


  • The Distance of Breath
  • Country Music gave Her the Courage to Break Your Heart
  • 1,000 Miles
  • Birthday by Ungelbah Belle Daniel-Davila
  • Diction by Layli Long Soldier


  • Across a Great Divide: Continuity and Change in Native North  American Societies, 1400–1900. Edited by Laura L. Scheiber and Mark D. Mitchell. Reviewed by Siobhan M. Hart
  • Ballads of the Lords of New Spain: The Codex Romances de los Señores de la Nueva España. Transcribed and translated from the Nahuatl by John Bierhorst. Reviewed by T. Christopher Aplin
  • Before the Storm: A Year in the Pribilof Islands, 1941–1942. By Fredericka Martin. Reviewed by John A. Lindsay
  • Beyond Bear’s Paw: The Nez Perce Indians in Canada. By Jerome A. Greene. Reviewed by Dennis L. Baird
  • Blue Jay Girl. By Sylvia Ross. Reviewed by Margaret Noori
  • The California Missions Source Book: Key Information, Dramatic Images, and Fascinating Anecdotes Covering All 21 Missions. By David J. McLaughlin with Rubén Mendoza. Reviewed by Julia G. Costello
  • Explorations in Navajo Poetry and Poetics. By Anthony K. Webster. Reviewed by Paul G. Zolbrod
  • The Fast Runner: Filming the Legend of Atanarjuat. By Michael Robert Evans. Reviewed by Agustin Zarzosa
  • The Munsee Indians: A History. By Robert S. Grumet. Reviewed by John C. Savagian
  • N. Scott Momaday: Remembering Ancestors, Earth, and Traditions: An Annotated Bio Bibliography. By Phyllis S. Morgan. Reviewed by Virginia Kennedy
  • Native Americans Today: A Biographical Dictionary. Edited by Bruce E. Johansen. Reviewed by Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez
  • Native Musicians in the Groove. By Vincent Schilling. Reviewed by Chris Goertzen
    Ojibwe in Minnesota. By Anton Treuer. Reviewed by Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik Stark
  • Politics and Aesthetics in Contemporary Native American Literature: Across Every Border. By Matthew Herman. Reviewed by Chadwick Allen
  • The Scalping of the Great Sioux Nation: A Review of My Life on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations. By Philip E. Davis. Reviewed by Harvey Markowitz
  • Slavery in Indian Country: The Changing Face of Captivity in Early America. By Christina Snyder. Reviewed by S. E. Pirelli
  • Spirit Wind. By Jon L. Gibson. Reviewed by Laura Adams Weaver
  • Stealing the Gila: The Pima Agricultural Economy and Water Deprivation, 1848–1921. By David H. DeJong. Reviewed by Gregory R. Campbell
  • Troubling Tricksters: Revisioning Critical Conversations. Edited by Deanna Reder and Linda M. Morra. Reviewed by Aydé Enríquez-Loya
  • When the Other Is Me: Native Resistance Discourse, 1850–1990. By Emma LaRocque. Reviewed by Jason Edward Black

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