American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 9, No. 3 (1985)


Review Essay


  • Blue Jade From The Morning Star: An Essay and a Cycle of Poems on Quetzalcoatl, by Wiliam Irwin Thompson. Reviewed by Louis Leobardo Arroyo
  • The Shaman: Patterns of Siberian and Ojibway Healing, by John A. Grim. Reviewed by J. Anthony Paredes
  • Minority Report: Whats Happened to Blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, and Other Minorities in the Eighties, edited by Leslie W. Dunbar. Reviewed by Donald G. Baker
  • Diné Bahané: The Navajo Creation Story, by Paul G. Zolbrod. Reviewed by Hertha Wong
  • New Light on Chaco Canyon, edited by David G. Noble. Reviewed by Edmund J. Ladd
  • The Pueblo Children of the Earth Mother (two volumes), by Thomas E. Mails. Reviewed by Donald M. Bahr
  • Blackrobe: Isaac Joques, by Maurice Kenny. Reviewed by Ward Churchill
  • Cedar: Tree of Life to the Northwest Coast Indians, by Hilary Stewart, with Foreword by Bill Reid. Reviewed by Victoria Wyatt
  • Spirit Mountain: An Anthology of Yuman Story and Song, edited by Leanne Hinton and Lucille Watahomigie. Reviewed by Heather Hardy
  • The Musical Life of the Blood Indians, by Robert Witmer. Reviewed by William K. Powers
  • History of the Ojibway People, by William Whipple Warren, Introduction by W. Roger Buffalohead. Reviewed by Rebecca Kugel
  • Navajo Coyote Tales: The Curly Tó Aheedlínii Version, by Father Berard Haile, O.F.M. Navajo Orthography by Irvy W. Goosen, edited and introduction by Karl W. Luckert. Reviewed by William Bright
  • Those Who Came Before, by Robert H. and Florence C. Lister. Reviewed by Gary L. Fogelman
  • Guatemala: Tyranny on Trial, edited and translated by Susanne Jonas, Ed McCaughan, and Elizabeth Sutherland Martinez. Reviewed by Howard Adams
  • Lewis and Clark Among the Indians, by James P. Ronda. Reviewed by L.G. Moses
  • Haida Monumental Art, by George F. MacDonald, Foreword and graphics by Bill Reid, commentary by Richard Huyda. Reviewed by Aldona Jonaitis
  • Ninstints: Haida World Heritage Site, by George F. MacDonald. Reviewed by Aldona Jonaitis
  • Yaqui Resistance and Survival: The Struggle for Land and Autonomy, 1821-1910, by Evelyn Hu-DeHart. Reviewed by Joseph B. Herring
  • Women and Indians on the Frontier, 1825-1915, by Glenda Riley. Reviewed by Charlotte J. Frisbie
  • The Cherokee Ghost Dance, by William G. McLoughlin. Reviewed by Michael J. Mullin
  • The Shoshoni-Crow Sun Dance, by Fred W. Voget. Reviewed by Richard O. Clemmer
  • Native People in Canada: Contemporary Conflicts, by James S. Frideres. Reviewed by Cornelius J. Jaenen
  • Home and Native Land: Aboriginal Rights and the Canadian Constitution, by Michael Asch. Reviewed by Cornelius J. Jaenen
  • The People Named the Chippewa, by Gerald Vizenor. Reviewed by Alan R. Velie
  • Shapes of Their Thoughts: Reflections of Culture Contact in Northwest Coast Indian Art, by Victoria Wyatt. Reviewed by Robin K. Wright
  • Native American Periodicals and Newspapers 1828-1982: Bibliography, Publishing Record, and Holdings, edited by James P. Danky, compiled by Maureen E. Hady. Reviewed by Jack Marken
  • American Indian and Alaska Native Newspapers and Periodicals, 1826-1924, by Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr. and James W. Parins. Reviewed by Jack Marken
  • Now That the Buffalos Gone: A Study of Todays American Indians, by Alvin M Josephy, Jr. Reviewed by Catherine Price
  • Arts of the Indian Americas: Leaves from the Sacred Tree, by Jamake Highwater. Reviewed by Janet Catherine Berlo

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