American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 9, No. 2 (1985)


Review Essay


  • Stories of Traditional Navajo Life and Culture by Twenty-two Navajo Men and Women, edited by Broderick Johnson. Reviewed by James Ruppert
  • The Iroquois and the New Deal, by Laurence M. Hauptman. Reviewed by Ramona Soza Hansen
  • Kiowa Voices I: Ceremonial Dance, Ritual and Song, by Maurice Boyd. Reviewed by Alan R. Velie
  • Kiowa Voices II: Myths, Legends and Folktales, by Maurice Boyd. Reviewed by Alan R. Velie
  • The Politics of Indian Removal, Creek Government and Society in Crisis, by Michael D. Green. Reviewed by Donald L. Fixico
  • Shadow Country, by Paula Gunn Allen. Reviewed by Ward Churchill
    American Indian Archival Material: A Guide to Holdings in the Southeast, by Ron Chepesiuk and Arnold Shankman. Reviewed by Michael D. Green
  • Rediscovered Link in the Covenant Chain: Previously Unpublished Transcripts of New York Indian Treaty Minutes, edited by Daniel Richter. Reviewed by Yasuhide Kawashima
  • Bibliography of the Languages of Native California, Including Closely Related Languages of Adjacent Areas, by William Bright. Reviewed by Margaret Langdon
  • During My Time: Florence Edenshaw Davidson, A Haida Woman, by Margaret B. Blackman. Reviewed by Robert S. Grument
  • Native American Renaissance, by Kenneth Lincoln. Reviewed by R.W. Reising
  • Changes in the Land: Indians, Colonists and the Ecology of New England, by William Cronon. Reviewed by Christopher Vecsey
  • Ceremonial Time: Fifteen Thousand Years on One Mile Square, by John Hanson Mitchell. Reviewed by Christopher Vecsey
  • Sarah Winnemucca of the Northern Paiutes, by Gae Whitney Canfield. Reviewed by Edith Blicksilver
  • Smoky-Top: The Art and Times of Willie Seaweed, by Bill Holm. Reviewed by Martine Reid
  • Their Number Become Thinned: Native American Population Dynamics in Eastern North America, by Henry F. Dobyns. Reviewed by C. Matthew Snipp
  • Hopis, Tewas and the American Road, edited by Willard Walker and Lydia L. Wyckoff. Reviewed by Paul V. Kroskrity
  • Smoothing the Ground: Essays on Native American Oral Literature, edited by Brian Swann. Reviewed by John Purdy
  • Yazz—Navajo Painter, by Sallie R. Wagner, J.J. Brody and Beatien Yazz. Reviewed by Martin Link
  • Ohiyesa, Charles Eastman, Santee Sioux, by Raymond Wilson. Reviewed by Elizabeth S. Grobsmith
  • What Happened When the Hopi Hit New York, by Wendy Rose. Reviewed by Ward Churchill
  • Reading the Fire: Essays in the Traditional Indian Literature of the Far East, by Jarold Ramsey. Reviewed by Kenneth Lincoln
  • The Jicarilla Apache Tribe: A History, 1846–1970, by Veronica E. Tiller. Reviewed by Phillip J. Greenfeld
  • First People, First Voices, by Penny Petrone. Reviewed by John S. Long

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