American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 8, No. 3 (1984)



  • Lakota Society, edited by James R. Walker and Raymond J. DeMallie. Reviewed by Paul B. Steinmetz
  • Lakota Myth, edited by James R. Walker and Elaine A. Jahner. Reviewed by Paul B. Steinmetz
  • Living the Sky: The Cosmos of the American, by Ray A. Williamson. Reviewed by Robert C. Hauhart
  • The Sons of the Wind, edited by D.M. Dooling. Reviewed by Bo Schöler
  • Cevarmiut Qanemciit Qulirait-Ilu, by Anthony C. Woodbury, Comp. Reviewed by Steven A. Jacobson
  • The Hidden Half: Studies of Plains Indian Women, by Patricia Albers and Beatrice Medicine. Reviewed by Yolanda T. Moses
  • The Imperial Osages: Spanish-Indian Diplomacy in the Mississippi Valley, by Gilbert C. Din and Abraham P. Nasatir. Reviewed by Willard H. Rollings
  • When Freedom Is Lost: The Dark Side of the Relationship between Government and the Fort Hope Band, by Paul Driben and Robert S. Trudeau. Reviewed by Olive Patricia Dickason
  • The Shawnee Prophet, by R. David Edmunds. Reviewed by Michael N. McConnell
  • The Eastern Band of Cherokee, 1819-1900, by John R. Finger. Reviewed by Theda Perdue
  • The Sixth Grandfather: Black Elks Teachings Given to John G. Neihardt, edited by Raymond J. DeMallie. Reviewed by Gregory R. Campbell
  • The Indian Frontier of the American West, 1846-1890, by Robert M. Utley. Reviewed by C. B. Clark
  • The Subarctic Fur Trade: Native Social and Economic Adaptations, edited by Shepard Krech, III. Reviewed by W. J. Eccles
  • Extending the Rafters: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Iroquoian Studies, edited by Michael K. Foster, Jack Campisi, and Marianne Mithun. Reviewed by Francis Jennings
  • Indians of California: The Changing Image, by James J. Rawls. Reviewed by Ken N. Owens
  • Indian Art Traditions of the Northwest Coast, edited by Roy L. Carlson. Reviewed by Aldona Jonaitis

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