American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 8, No. 1 (1984)

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  • An Ethnohistoric Study of Eastern James Bay Cree Social Organization, 1700–1850, by Toby Morantz. Reviewed by John S. Long
  • Partners in Fur: A History of the Fur Trade in Eastern James Bay, 1600–1870, by Daniel Francis and Toby Morantz. Reviewed by John S. Long
  • The Roots of Dependency: Subsistance, Environment, and Social Change Among the Choctaws, Pawnees, and Navajos, by Richard White. Reviewed by C. L. Miller
  • Ethnic Identity and the Boarding School Experience of West-Central Oklahoma American Indians, by Sally J. McBeth. Reviewed by Jennie R. Joe
  • Columbus Day, by Jimmy Durham. Reviewed by Ward Churchill
  • A History of the Shoshone-Paiutes at the Duck Valley Indian Reservation, by Whitney McKinney. Reviewed by Albin J. Cofone
  • The Religions of the American Indians, by Ake Hultkrantz. Reviewed by Margaret A. Beemer
  • Native American Religions, An Introduction, by Sam D. Gill. Reviewed by Margaret A. Beemer
  • Bilingualism and Language Contact: Spanish, English, and Native American Languages, edited by Florence Barkin, Elizabeth A. Brandt and Jacob Orstein-Galicia. Reviewed by Douglas R. Parks
  • Cherokee Editor: The Writings of Elias Boudinot, edited by Theda Perdue. Reviewed by William G. McLoughlin
  • Cherokee Removal: The "William Penn" Essays and Other Writings by Jeremy Evarts, edited by Francis Paul Prucha. Reviewed by William G. McLoughlin
  • Puritans Among the Indians: Accounts of Captivity and Redemption, 1676–1724, edited by Alden T. Vaughan. Reviewed by Neal Salisbury
  • Blood of the Land: The Government and Corporate War Against the American Indian Movement, by Rex Wyle. Reviewed by Ward Churchill
  • Shadows of the Buffalo, by Adolph and Beverly Hungry Wolf. Reviewed by Dorothy W. Hewes
  • Tribalism in Crisis: Federal Indian Policy, 1953–1961, by Larry W. Burt. Reviewed by Francis Paul Prucha
  • Dammed Indians: The Pick-Sloan Plan and the Missouri River Sioux, 1944–1980, by Michael L. Lawson. Reviewed by Steven C. Schulte
  • American Indian Environments: Ecological Issues in Native American History, edited by Christopher Vecsey and Robert W. Venables. Reviewed by Richard Haan

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