American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 7, No. 4 (1983)



  • The View from the Top of the Temple: Ancient Maya Civilization and Modern Maya Culture, by Kenneth Pearce. Reviewed by Janet Catherine Berlo
  • Earth Power Coming, edited by Simon Ortiz. Reviewed by Lyn Olcott
  • Bibliography of Algonquian Linguistics, by David H. Pentland and H. Christoph Wolfart. Reviewed by William Cowan
  • License for Empire: Colonialism by Treaty in Early America, by Dorothy V. Jones. Reviewed by James A. Clifton
  • Indian Traders on the Middle Border: The House of Ewing, 1827-54, by Robert A. Trennert, Jr. Reviewed by James A. Clifton
  • The Seven Visions of Bull Lodge, edited by George Horse Capture. Reviewed by Jorge A. Noriega and Lenore A. Stiffarm
  • Racing Alone: Houses Made with Earth and Fire, by Nader Khalili. Reviewed by David Stea and Harry Van Oudenallen
  • Southeastern Indians Since the Removal Era, edited by Walter Williams. Reviewed by James H. ODonnell, III


  • Author-Title-Subject Index (1974-1983), compiled by Velma Salabiye

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