American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 7, No. 2 (1983)


Research Note


  • Mat Hekid O Ju/When It Rains, edited by Ofelia Zepeda. Reviewed by Kathleen M. Sands
  • The Navajo Nation, by Peter Iverson. Reviewed by L. G. Moses
    Historic Hopi Ceramics, by Edwin L. Wade and Lea S. McChesney. Reviewed by Louis A. Hieb
  • The George Rogers Clark Adventure in the Illinois, and Selected Documents of the American Revolution at the Frontier Posts, by Katherine Wagner Seineke. Reviewed by R. David Edmunds
  • Life Is with People: Household Organization of the Contemporary Southern Paiute Indians, by Martha C. Knack. Reviewed by Dorothy W. Hewes
  • Coast Salish Spirit Dancing, by Pamela Amoss. Reviewed by Roger Bowerman
  • Chief Left Hand, Southern Arapaho, by Margaret Coel. Reviewed by Gregory R. Campbell

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