American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 6, No. 2 (1982)



  • Native Studies: American Indian and Canadian Indians, by John Price. Reviewed by Tom King
  • Sermon and Three Waves: A Journey through Night, by William Oandasan. Reviewed by Timothy Shaughnessy
  • If You Take My Sheep, the Evolution and Conflicts of Navajo Pastoralism, 1630-1868, by Lynn R. Bailey. Reviewed by Lawrence C. Kelley
  • Mother Earth, Father Sky, and Economic Development: Navajo Resources and Their Use, by Philip Reno. Reviewed by David Stea
  • This Song Remembers: Self Portraits of Native Americans in the Arts, edited by Jane B. Katz. Reviewed by R. D. Theisz
  • The Dark Wind, by Tony Hillerman. Reviewed by Peter G. Beidler
    Crowfoot, Chief of the Blackfeet; Charcoals World; Red Crow, Warrior Chief, by Hugh A. Dempsey. Reviewed by David Reed Miller

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