American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 5, No. 2 (1981)


Review Essay


  • Bibliography of the Sioux, by Jack W. Marken and Herbert T. Hoover. Reviewed by Raymond J. DeMallie
  • Lakota Tales and Text, by Eugene Buechel. Reviewed by Calvin Fast Wolf
  • The Choctaws: Cultural Evolution of a Native American Tribe, by Jesse O. McKee and Jon A. Schlenker. Reviewed by Charles E. Roberts
  • The Delaware Indian Westward Migration, by C. A. Weslager. Reviewed by Richard L. Haan
  • American Indian Economic Development, edited by Sam Stanley. Reviewed by Joseph G. Jorgensen
  • The Urban American Indian, by Alan L. Sorkin. Reviewed by Dennis L. Peck
  • The Ethnic American Woman, by Edith L. Blicksilver. Reviewed by Gretchen Bataille
  • A Political History of the Navajo Tribe, by Robert W. Young. Reviewed by L. G. Moses
  • Navajos and World War II, by Keats Begay, et al. Reviewed by David L. Wood
  • The Prairie People: Continuity and Change in Potawatomi Indian Culture, by James A. Clifton. Reviewed by James H. Howard
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