American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 5, No. 1 (1981)



Review Essay


  • The American Indian: From Prehistory to the Present, by Arrell M. Gibson. Reviewed by Walter L. Williams
  • People of the Totem: The Indians of the Pacific Northwest, by Norman Bancroft-Hunt and Werner Forman. Reviewed by Mark Graham
  • Peoples of the Coast: The Indians of the Pacific Northwest, by George Woodcock. Reviewed by Mark Graham
  • A Concise Dictionary of Indian Tribes of North America, by Barbara Leitch. Reviewed by G. Edward Evans
  • Indian Leaders: Oklahomas First Statesmen, edited by H. Glenn Jordan and Thomas M. Holm. Reviewed by Richard N. Ellis
  • The Cherokee Indian Nation: A Troubled History, edited by Duane H. King. Reviewed by Terry P. Wilson
  • Stand Watie and the Agony of the Cherokee Nation, by Kenny A. Franks. Reviewed by Tom Holm
  • Jim Thorpe, Worlds Greatest Athlete, by Robert W. Wheeler. Reviewed by R. W. Reising
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