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American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 40, No. 3 (2016) 

Articles (click on the links below to view abstracts)



  • Blue Ash
    Teal Dawn
    Black Light
    Addendum & Storm
    Tulare ca. 1806
                José D. Trejo-Maya


  • American Indians and National Forests. By Theodore Catton. Reviewed by Jay Antle
  • An American Genocide: The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe, 1846–1873. By Benjamin Madley.Reviewed by Ashley Riley Sousa
  • Choctaw Resurgence in Mississippi: Race, Class and Nation Building in the Jim Crow South, 1830–1977. By Katherine M. B. Osburn. Reviewed by Donna L. Akers
  • Dispatches from the Fort Apache Scout: White Mountain and Cibecue Apache History through 1881. By Lori Davisson. Reviewed by Victoria Smith
  • Ho-Chunk Powwows and the Politics of Tradition. By Grant Arndt. Reviewed by Angel M. Hinzo
  • Horace Poolaw: Photographer of American Indian Modernity. By Laura E. Smith. Reviewed by John J. Bodinger de Uriarte
  • Indian Baskets of Northern California and Oregon. By Ralph Shanks. Reviewed by Yve Chavez
  • Indigenous Pop: Native American Music from Jazz to Hip Hop. Edited by Jeff Berglund, Jan Johnson, and Kimberli Lee. Reviewed by Jessica Bissett Perea
  • Neoliberal Indigenous Policy: Settler Colonialism and the “Post-Welfare” State. By Elizabeth Strakosch. Reviewed by Sarah Maddison
  • Prudence. By David Treuer. Reviewed by Mary Stoecklein
  • The Pueblo Bonito Mounds of Chaco Canyon: Material Culture and Fauna.Edited by Patricia L. Crown. Reviewed by H. Wolcott Toll
  • The Railroad and the Pueblo Indians: The Impact of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe on the Pueblos of the Rio Grande, 1880–1930. By Richard H. Frost. Reviewed by E. Richard Hart
  • Sending the Spirits Home: The Archaeology of Hohokam Mortuary Practices. By Glen E. Rice.Reviewed by Stephen H. Lekson
  • The Settlers’ Empire: Colonialism and State Formation in America’s Old Northwest. By Bethel Saler. Reviewed by Melinda Marie Jetté
  • Spirits of Blood, Spirits of Breath: The Twinned Cosmos of Indigenous America. By Barbara Alice Mann. Reviewed by Michelle Nicole Boyer-Kelly
  • St. Louis Rising: The French Regime of Louis St. Ange de Bellerive. By Carl J. Ekberg and Sharon K. Person. Reviewed by Joseph Gaudet
  • Surviving Wounded Knee: The Lakotas and the Politics of Memory. By David W. Grua. Reviewed byChristopher J. Steinke
  • To Come to a Better Understanding: Medicine Men and Clergy Meetings on the Rosebud Reservation, 1973–1978. By Sandra L. Garner.Reviewed by Akim Reinhardt
  • Warrior Nation: A History of the Red Lake Ojibwe. By Anton Treuer. Reviewed by Michael D. McNally
  • Welcome to the Oglala Nation: A Documentary Reader in Oglala Lakota Political History. Edited by Edited by Akim D. Reinhardt. Reviewed by Carolyn R. Anderson

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