American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 3, No. 4 (1979)


Review Essay


  • Language and Art in the Navajo Universe, by Gary Witherspoon. Reviewed by John W. Presley
  • American Indian Tribal Courts: The Costs of Separate Justice, by Samuel J. Brakel. Reviewed by Fred W. Gabourie
  • The End of Indian Kansas: A Study of Cultural Revolution, 1854-1871, by H. Craig Miner and William E. Unrau. Reviewed by Donald L. Parman
  • Indian Life: Transforming An American Myth, edited by William W. Savage, Jr. Reviewed by Alfonso Ortiz
  • A Better Kind of Hatchet: Law, Trade, and Diplomacy in the Cherokee Nation During the Early Years of European Contact, by John Philip Reid. Reviewed by Robert E. Bieder

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