American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 36, No. 4 (2012) 



  • Bound to Have Blood: Frontier Newspapers and the Plains Indian Wars. By Hugh J. Reilly. Reviewed by James W. Parins
  • Dreaming with the Ancestors: Black Seminole Women in Texas and Mexico. By Shirley Boteler Mock. Reviewed by  Rebecca B. Bateman
  • Feasting with Shellfish in the Southern Ohio Valley: Archaic Sacred Sites and Rituals. By Cheryl Claassen. Reviewed by Nomi B. Greber
  • First Nations Education Policy in Canada: Progress or Gridlock? By Jerald Paquette and Gerald Fallon. Reviewed by Virginia Gluska
  • The House on Diamond Hill: A Cherokee Plantation Story.  By Tiya Miles. Reviewed by Christopher B. Teuton
  • Indigenous Peoples and the Collaborative Stewardship of Nature: Knowledge Binds and Institutional Conflicts. By Anne Ross, Kathleen Pickering Sherman, Jeffrey G. Snodgrass, Henry D. Delacore, and Richard Sherman. Reviewed by Thomas D. Hall
  • Integrating Aboriginal Perspectives into the School Curriculum: Purposes, Possibilities and Challenges. By Yatta Kanu. Reviewed by Christie M. Poitra
  • Landscapes and Social Transformations on the Northwest Coast: Colonial Encounters in the Fraser Valley. By Jeff Oliver. Reviewed by Aron L. Crowell
  • The Native American Mascot Controversy: A Handbook. Edited by C. Richard King. Reviewed by Elise Boxer
  • Native Nations and U.S. Borders: Challenges to Indigenous Culture, Citizenship, and Security. By Rachel Rose Starks, Jen McCormack, and Stephen Cornell. Reviewed by Gabriela Spears-Rico
  • Negotiation within Domination: New Spain’s Indian Pueblos Confront the Spanish State. Edited by Ethelia Ruiz Medrano and Susan Kellogg. Reviewed by Maria Ornelas
  • Notes From The Center of Turtle Island. By Duane Champagne. Reviewed by Greg Gagnon
  • Ogimaag: Anishinaabeg Leadership, 1760-1845. By Cary Miller. Reviewed by Anna J. Willow
  • The Quest for Citizenship: African American and Native American Education in Kansas, 1880-1935. By Kim Carey Warren. Reviewed by Deirdre Almeida
  • Removable Type: Histories of the Book in Indian Country, 1663-1880. By Phillip H. Round. Reviewed by Loriene Roy
  • Torn from Our Midst: Voices of Grief, Healing and Action from the Missing Indigenous Women Conference, 2008. Edited by A. Brenda Anderson, Wendee Kubik, and Mary Rucklos Hampton. Reviewed by Laura L. Terrance
  • Tribal Constitutionalism: States, Tribes, and the Governance of Membership. By Kirsty Gover. Reviewed by Leah Shearer
  • The Turquoise Ledge: A Memoir. By Leslie Marmon Silko. Reviewed by Elizabeth McNeil
  • We Are Our Language: An Ethnography of Language Revitalization in a Northern Athabaskan Community. By Barbra A. Meek. Reviewed by Caskey Russell
  • The Work of Sovereignty: Tribal Labor Relations and Self Determination at the Navajo Nation. By David Kamper. Reviewed by Alexander Skibine

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