American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 36, No. 1 (2012) 

Special Edition
Rhetoric and Legal Interpretation, Misinterpretation, and Reinterpretation



  • American Indians and the Fight for Equal Voting Rights. By Laughlin McDonald. Reviewed by Susan Olson
  • Anthropology and the Racial Politics of Culture. By Lee D. Baker. Reviewed by Robert Keith Collins
  • The Color of the Land: Race, Nation, and the Politics of Landownership in Oklahoma, 1832–1929. By David A. Chang. Reviewed by Erik M. Zissu
  • Contributions to Ojibwe Studies, Essays 1934–1972. By A. Irving Hallowell. Edited by Jennifer S. H. Brown and Susan Elaine Gray. Reviewed by David W. Dinwoodie
  • Creek Paths and Federal Roads: Indians, Settlers, and Slaves and the Making of the American South. By Angela Pulley Hudson. Reviewed by Christina Snyder
  • Hybrid Constitutions: Challenging Legacies of Law, Privilege, and Culture in Colonial America. By Vicki Hsueh. Reviewed by Matthew L. M. Fletcher
  • The Indian History of an American Institution: Native Americans and Dartmouth. By Colin G. Calloway. Reviewed by Mary Jiron Belgarde
  • Introduction to Tribal Legal Studies. By Justin B. Richland and Sarah Deer. Reviewed by Peter d’Errico
  • Lumbee Indians in the Jim Crow South: Race, Identity, and the Making of a Nation. By Malinda Maynor Lowery. Reviewed by Mark Edwin Miller
  • Natalie Curtis Burlin: A Life in Native and African American Music. By Michelle Wick Patterson. Reviewed by Chad Hamill
  • The Networked Wilderness: Communicating in Early New England. By Matt Cohen. Reviewed by M. Eleanor Nevins
  • North Country: The Making of Minnesota. By Mary Lethert Wingerd. Reviewed by Catherine Denial
  • Passamaquoddy Ceremonial Songs: Aesthetics Survival. By Anne Morrison Spinney. Reviewed by Andrea Bear Nicholas
  • The Pawnee Mission Letters, 1834–1851. Edited by Richard E. Jensen. Reviewed by Michael L. Cox
  • Perimeters of Democracy: Inverse Utopias and the Wartime Social Landscape in the American West. By Heather Fryer. Reviewed by Steve Russell
  • Sequoyah Rising: Problems in Post-Colonial Tribal Governance. By Steve Russell. Reviewed by Bruce E. Johansen
  • The Sierra Nevada before History: Ancient Landscapes, Early Peoples. By Louise A. Jackson. Reviewed by Holly YoungBear-Tibbetts
  • Stolen Horses. By Dan O’Brien. Reviewed by Lee Schweninger
  • Traces of Fremont: Society and Rock Art in Ancient Utah. By Steven R. Simms. Reviewed by Rick Minor
  • Yellow Dirt: An American Story of a Poisoned Land and a People Betrayed. By Judy Pasternak. Reviewed by Karen J. Travers

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