American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 34, No. 1 (2010) 

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  • The Archaeology of Native-Lived Colonialism: Challenging History in the Great Lakes. By Neal Ferris. Reviewed by Rick Fehr
  • At Standing Rock and Wounded Knee: The Journals and Papers of Father Francis M. Craft, 1888–1890. Edited and annotated by
    Thomas W. Foley. Reviewed by Christopher Vecsey
  • California Indians and Their Environment: An Introduction. By Kent G. Lightfoot and Otis Parrish. Reviewed by James Gary Maniery
  • Chiricahua Apache Enduring Power: Naiche’s Puberty Ceremony Paintings. By Trudy Griffin-Pierce. Reviewed by Philip J. Greenfeld
  • The Chumash World at European Contact: Power, Trade, and
    Feasting among Complex Hunter-Gatherers. By Lynn H. Gamble. Reviewed by Jennifer E. Perry
  • Comanche Ethnography: Field Notes of E. Adamson Hoebel, Waldo R. Wedel, Gustav G. Carlson, and Robert H. Lowie. Compiled and edited by Thomas W. Kavanagh. Reviewed by Gregory R. Campbell
  • Comb Ridge and Its People: The Ethnohistory of a Rock. By Robert S. McPherson. Reviewed by Alex K. Ruuska
  • Contesting Knowledge: Museums and Indigenous Perspectives. Edited by Susan Sleeper-Smith. Reviewed by Sunny K. Lybarger and Nancy J. Parezo
  • Great Lakes Indian Accommodation and Resistance during the Early Reservation Years, 1850–1900. By Edmund Jefferson Danziger Jr. Reviewed by Shawn Bailey
  • Let’s Speak Chickasaw: Chikashshanompa’ Kilanompoli’. By Pamela Munro and Catherine Willmond. Reviewed by Marcia Haag
  • Manifest Destinies and Indigenous Peoples. Edited by David Maybury-Lewis, Theodore Macdonald, and Biorn Maybury-Lewis. Reviewed by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
  • Missions, Missionaries, and Native Americans: Long-Term Processes and Daily Practices. By Maria F. Wade. Reviewed by Joshua Paddison
  • The Nature Way: Wisdom from a Western Shoshone Elder. By Corbin Harney Reviewed by David Rich Lewis
  • Public Indians, Private Cherokees: Tourism and Tradition on Tribal Ground. By Christina Taylor Beard-Moose. Reviewed by Erika Bsumek
  • Searching for My Destiny. By George Blue Spruce Jr. Reviewed by Felicia Schanche Hodge
  • Spirits of the Air: Birds and American Indians in the South. By Shepard Krech III. Reviewed by Jonathan E. Reyman
  • Tribal Names of the Americas: Spelling Variants and Alternative Forms, Cross-Referenced. By Patricia Roberts Clark. Reviewed by Kenneth Wade
  • What Does Justice Look Like? The Struggle for Liberation in Dakota Home land. By Waziyatawin. Reviewed by Jeff Means
  • The Yale Indian: The Education of Henry Roe Cloud. By Joel Pfister. Reviewed by Doug Kiel
  • Zamumo’s Gifts: Indian-European Exchange in the Colonial Southeast. By Joseph M. Hall Jr. Reviewed by James Taylor Carson

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