American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 33, No. 4 (2009)

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  • The 1904 Anthropology Days and Olympic games: Sport, Race, and American Imperialism. Edited by Susan Brownell. Reviewed by Willam J. Bauer Jr.
  • American Indian Higher Educational Experiences: Cultural Visions and Personal Journeys. By Terry Huffan. Reviewed by Christie-Michelle Poitra
  • American Indian Liberation: A Theology of Sovereignty. By George E. "Tink" Tinker". Reviewed by David Martinez
  • Archaic Societies: Diversity and Complexity across the Midcontinent. Edited by Thomas E. Emerson, Dale L. McElrath, and Andrew C. Fortier. Reviewed by Victor D. Thompson
  • Caciques and Cemi Idols: The Web Spun by Taino Rulers between Hispaniola and Puerto Rico. By Jose R. Oliver. Reviewed by Jose Barreiro
  • Chief Benders Burden: The Silent Struggle of a Baseball Star. By Tom Swift. Reviewed by Natchee Blu Barnd
  • Decolonizing the Lens of Power: Indigenous Films in North America. By Kerstin Knopf. Reviewed by Lindsey Claire Smith
  • Engraving the Savage: The New World and Techniques of Civilization. By Michael Gaudio. Reviewed by Pauline Turner Strong.

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