American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 30, No. 3 (2006)

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  • Algonquian Spirit: Contemporary Translations of the Algonquian Literatures of North America, edited by Brian Swann. Reviewed by Ron Welburn
  • Building on a Borrowed Past: Place and Identity in Pipestone, Minnesota, by Sally J. Southwick. Reviewed by Anton Treuer
  • The Cambridge Companion to Native American Literature, edited by Joy Porter and Kenneth M. Roemer. Reviewed by Jace Weaver
  • Chee Chee: A Study of Canadian Aboriginal Suicide, by Al Evans. Reviewed by Jessiline Anderson
  • Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide, by Andrea Smith. Reviewed by Karren Baird-Olson
  • Coyote Warrior: One Man, Three Tribes, and the Trial That Forged a Nation, by Paul VanDevelder. Reviewed by John M. Shaw
  • From Dominance to Disappearance: The Indians of Texas and the Near Southwest, 1786–1859, by F. Todd Smith. Reviewed by David La Vere
  • Indian Metropolis: Native Americans in Chicago, 1945–75, by James B. LaGrand. Reviewed by Susan Lobo
  • Indians and Emigrants: Encounters on the Overland Trails, by Michael L. Tate. Reviewed by Robert L. Munkres
  • Indigenous Peoples and the Modern State, edited by Duane Champagne, Karen Jo Torjesen, and Susan Steiner. Reviewed by Greg Poelzer
  • Justice as Healing: Indigenous Ways, edited by Wanda D. McCaslin. Reviewed by Brian Calliou
  • Learning to Write “Indian”: The Boarding-School Experience and American Indian Literature, by Amelia V. Katanski. Reviewed by Raphael Comprone
  • Like a Loaded Weapon: The Rehnquist Court, Indian Rights, and the Legal History of Racism in America, by Robert A. Williams. Reviewed by Alex Tallchief Skibine
  • Native Americans in the School System: Family, Community, and Academic Achievement, by Carol J. Ward. Reviewed by Rosemary Ackley Christensen
  • Navajo Nation Peacemaking: Living Traditional Justice, by Marianne O. Nielsen and James W. Zion. Reviewed by Pat Lauderdale
  • Paths to a Middle Ground: The Diplomacy of Natchez, Boukfouka, Nogales, and San Fernando de las Barrancas, 1791–1795, by Charles A. Weeks. Reviewed by J. Daniel d’Oney
  • The Plains Sioux and U.S. Colonialism from Lewis and Clark to Wounded Knee, by Jeffrey Ostler. Reviewed by Daniele Bolelli
  • Powwow, edited by Clyde Ellis, Luke Eric Lassiter, and Gary H. Dunham. Reviewed by Christopher Scales
  • Sovereign Selves: American Indian Autobiography and the Law, by David J. Carlson. Reviewed by Joanna Brooks
  • To Intermix with Our White Brothers: Indian Mixed Bloods in the United States from Earliest Times to the Indian Removals, by Thomas N. Ingersoll. Reviewed by Benjamin L. Perez

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