American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 30, No. 1 (2006) Special Edition -- New Directions in American Indian Autobiography

Articles (click on the links below to view abstracts)


  • Another Attempt at Rescue, by M. L. Smoker. Reviewed by Dawn Karima Pettigrew
  • Cash, Color, and Colonialism: The Politics of Tribal Acknowledgment, by Renée Ann Cramer. Reviewed by J. Anthony Paredes
  • Chief Joseph, Yellow Wolf, and the Creation of Nez Perce History in the Pacific Northwest, by Robert R. McCoy. Reviewed by Steven Ross Evans
  • Choice, Persuasion, and Coercion: Social Control on Spain`s North American Frontiers, edited by Jesus F. de la Teja and Ross Frank. Reviewed by Andrew Gulliford
  • Conquest by Law: How the Discovery of America Dispossessed Indigenous People of Their Land, by Lindsay G. Robertson. Reviewed by Peter d’Errico
  • Entering America: Northeast Asia and Beringia before the Last Glacial Maximum, edited by D. B. Madsen. Reviewed by Robert E. Ackerman
  • In-Between Places, by Diane Glancy. Reviewed by Lindsey Claire Smith
  • Indian Country: Essays on Contemporary Native Culture, by Gail Guthrie Valaskakis. Reviewed by James S. Frideres
  • “Indian” Stereotypes in TV Science Fiction: First Nations` Voices Speak Out, by Sierra S. Adare. Reviewed by Stephanie Norton Joynes
  • Keeping the Circle: American Indian Identity in Eastern North Carolina, 1885–2004, by Christopher Arris Oakley. Reviewed by Malinda Maynor Lowery
  • Lt. Charles Gatewood and His Apache Wars Memoir, by Charles B. Gatewood. Reviewed by Victoria Smith
  • The Myth of Syphilis, The Natural History of Treponematosis in North America, edited by Mary Lucas Powell and Della Collins Cook. Reviewed by Charles Cambridge
  • A Nation of Statesmen: The Political Culture of the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohicans, 1815–1972, by James W. Oberly. Reviewed by James D. Drake
  • Negotiating Tribal Water Rights: Fulfilling Promises in the Arid West, by Bonnie G. Colby, John E. Thorson, and Sarah Britton. Reviewed by Michelle L. LaPena
  • No One Ever Asked Me: The World War II Memoirs of an Omaha Indian Soldier, by Hollis D. Stabler. Reviewed by William C. Meadows
  • Reclaiming the Ancestors: Decolonizing a Taken Prehistory of the Far Northeast, by Frederick Matthew Wiseman. Reviewed by Richard Fehr
  • Sacagawea`s Child, The Life and Times of Jean-Baptiste (Pomp) Charbonneau, by Susan M. Colby. Reviewed by Selene Phillips
  • Silko: Writing Storyteller and Medicine Woman, by Brewster E. Fitz. Reviewed by Delilah Orr
  • Travelling Knowledges: Positioning the Im/Migrant Reader of Aboriginal Literatures in Canada, by Renate Eigenbrod. Reviewed by Naomi McIlwraith
  • Wasáse: Indigenous Pathways of Action and Freedom, by Taiaiake Alfred. Reviewed by David Martínez

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