American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 28, No. 2 (2004)

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  • NAMes, by Scott Andrews
  • NAMes II, by Scott Andrews
  • Water Spiders Gift, by Scott Andrews


  • America`s Second Tongue: American Indian Education and the Ownership of English, 1860–1900, by Ruth Spack. Reviewed by Bruce E. Johansen
  • Anthropologists and Indians in the New South, edited by Rachel A. Bonney and J. Anthony Paredes. Reviewed by Stephanie May de Montigny
  • The Bird Is Gone: A Manifesto, by Stephen Graham Jones. Reviewed by Robert L. Berner
  • Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull: Inventing the Wild West, by Bobby Bridger. Reviewed by S. Elizabeth Bird
  • Choctaws in a Revolutionary Age, 1750–1830, by Greg O`Brien. Reviewed by Brad Watkins
  • The Future of Indigenous Peoples: Strategies for Survival and Development, edited by Duane Champagne and Ismael Abu-Saad. Reviewed by Jeff Corntassel
  • Gambling and Survival in Native North America, by Paul Pasquaretta. Reviewed by Nicholas C. Peroff
  • Irene Avaalaaqiaq: Myth and Reality, by Judith Nasby. Reviewed by Mary Jo Watson
  • Ishi in Three Centuries, edited By Karl Kroeber and Clifton Kroeber. Reviewed by Albert L. Hurtado
  • Lelooska: The Life of a Northwest Coast Artist, by Chris Friday. Reviewed by Ronald Hawker
  • Native American Power in the United States, 1783–1795, by Celia Barnes. Reviewed by Richard N. Ellis
  • Navajo Beadwork: Architectures of Light, by Ellen K. Moore. Reviewed by Orit Tamir
  • Navajo Saddle Blankets: Textiles to Ride in the American West, edited by Lane Coulter. Reviewed by Kathleen Whitaker
  • Ndakinna (Our Land): New and Selected Poems, by Joseph Bruchac. Reviewed by J. C. Ellefson
  • Our Stories Remember: American Indian History, Culture, and Values through Storytelling, by Joseph Bruchac. Reviewed by Victoria Bomberry
  • Real Indians: Identity and the Survival of Native America, by Eva Marie Garroutte. Reviewed by Andrew James Jolivétte
  • Spider Woman Walks This Land: Traditional Cultural Properties and the Navajo Nation, by Kelli Carmean. Reviewed by Charles Cambridge
  • Standing Ground: Yurok Indian Spirituality, 1850–1990, by Thomas Buckley. Reviewed by James V. Spickard
  • Strong Women Stories: Native Vision and Community Survival, edited by Kim Anderson and Benita Lawrence. Reviewed by Katherine Beaty Chiste
  • Under the Palace Portal: Native American Artists in Santa Fe, by Karl Hoerig. Reviewed by Suzanne Newman Fricke

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