American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 25, No. 3 (2001)

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  • American Indians, edited by Nancy Shoemaker. Reviewed by Cary C. Collins
  • Blue Jacket: Warrior of the Shawnees, by John Sugden. Reviewed by John Beery
  • Contrary Neighbors: Southern Plains and Removed Indians in Indian Territory, by David LaVere. Reviewed by Rennard Strickland
  • Culture in the Marketplace: Gender, Art, and Value in the American Southwest, by Molly H. Mullin. Reviewed by Matthew J. Martinez
  • Dakota Cross-Bearer: The Life and World of a Native American Bishop, by Mary E. Cochran. Reviewed by Robert H. Craig
  • The Destruction of the Bison: An Environmental History, 1750–1920, by Andrew C. Isenberg. Reviewed by Peter Suzuki
  • Dispossessing the Wilderness: Indian Removal and the Making of the National Parks, by Mark David Spence. Reviewed by Stella C. Mancillas
  • Hopi Stories of Witchcraft, Shamanism, and Magic, by Ekkehart Malotki and Ken Gary. Reviewed by Louis A. Hieb
  • Indian Mounds of Wisconsin, by Robert A. Birmingham and Leslie E. Eisenberg. Reviewed by Douglas Heffington
  • Keeper of the Delaware Dolls, by Lynette Perry and Manny Skolnick. Reviewed by Helen M. Bannan
  • Lakota Culture, World Economy, by Kathleen Ann Pickering. Reviewed by Angelo A. Calvello
  • Mavericks on the Border: The Early Southwest in Historical Fiction and Film, by J. Douglas Canfield. Reviewed by Julie Tharp
  • Native Religions and Cultures of North America: Anthropology of the Sacred, edited by Lawrence E. Sullivan. Reviewed by Steve Talbot
  • The Plains Indian Photographs of Edward S. Curtis, edited by the University of Nebraska Press. Reviewed by Alexandra N. Harris
  • Religion, Law, and the Land: Native Americans and the Judicial Interpretation of Sacred Land, by Brian Edward Brown. Reviewed by David E. Wilkins
  • Sing with the Heart of a Bear: Fusions of Native and American Poetry, 1890–1999, by Kenneth Lincoln. Reviewed by Cecilia Ragaini
  • Strangers to Relatives: The Adoption and Naming of Anthropologists in Native North America, edited by Sergei Kan. Reviewed by Patricia Pierce Erikson
  • Team Spirits: The Native American Mascots Controversy, edited by C. Richard King and Charles Fruehling. Reviewed by Nancy Marie Mithlo
  • Tobacco Use by Native North Americans: Sacred Smoke and Silent Killer, edited by Joseph C. Winter. Reviewed by Roberta Hall
  • Writing Indians: Literacy, Christianity, and Native Community in Early America, by Hilary E. Wyss. Reviewed by Betty Booth Donohue

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