American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 25, No. 2 (2001)

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  • Planting, by Roberta Hill
  • At Lame Deer, Montana, by Roberta Hill
  • Heat, by Roberta Hill
  • Mother`s Only Daughter, by Roberta Hill
  • Cicada, by Roberta Hill
  • Smoke Dancers, by Karenne Wood
  • Cactus Song, by Karenne Wood
  • Something Is Always Taking Us Away, by Karenne Wood
  • Amoroleck`s Words, by Karenne Wood
  • James "Don Santiago" Kirker, "King of New Mexico": His Vision, by Rawdon Tomlinson
  • The Fish Dancers (Quileute), by Mike Catalano
  • Gray Wolf (Navajo), by Mike Catalano
  • On the Other Side, by Joan Wiese Johannes
  • "Take It to the Cedar" (Doug Expounds on Blackfoot`s Quotation), by Joan Wiese Johannes
  • Since Carving the Flute, by Joan Wiese Johannes


  • American Indian Grandmothers: Traditions and Transitions, edited by Marjorie M. Schweitzer. Reviewed by Martha Harroun Foster
  • American Indian Health: Innovations in Health Care, Promotion, and Policy, edited by Everett R. Rhoades. Reviewed by Nancy Reifel
  • The Archaeological Northeast, edited by Mary Ann Levine, Kenneth E. Sassaman, and Michael S. Nassaney. Reviewed by Jordan E. Kerber
  • Battle for the Soul: Métis Children Encounter Evangelical Protestants at Mackinaw Mission, 1823–1837, by Keith R. Widder. Reviewed by Martha Harroun Foster
  • Black Elk Lives: Conversations with the Black Elk Family, by Esther Black Elk DeSersa, Olivia Black Elk Pourier, Aaron DeSersa Jr., and Clifton DeSersa, edited by Esther Black Elk DeSersa, Hilda Neihardt, and Lori Utecht. Reviewed by Daniele Bolelli
  • Conspiracy of Interests: Iroquois Dispossession and the Rise of New York State, by Laurence M. Hauptman. Reviewed by Bruce E. Johansen
  • Coosa: The Rise and Fall of a Southeastern Mississippian Chiefdom, by Marvin T. Smith. Reviewed by Peter N. Peregrine
  • Dominion and Civility: English Imperialism and Native America, 1585–1685, by Michael Leroy Oberg. Reviewed by Louise A. Breen
  • Dreaming the Dawn: Conversations with Native Artists and Activists, by E. K. Caldwell. Reviewed by Mary E. Stuckey
  • The Journey of Navajo Oshley: An Autobiography and Life History, edited by Robert S. McPherson. Reviewed by James B. LaGrand
  • The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse, by Louise Erdrich. Reviewed by Peter G. Beidler
  • Listening to Our Grandmothers` Stories: The Bloomfield Academy for Chickasaw Females, 1852–1949, by Amanda J. Cobb. Reviewed by Wendy B. St. Jean
  • Messages from Frank`s Landing: A Story of Salmon, Treaties, and the Indian Way, by Charles Wilkinson. Reviewed by Carolyn J. Marr
  • The Native American Oral Tradition: Voices of the Spirit and Soul, by Lois Einhorn. Reviewed by Lanny Real Bird
  • Native American Spirituality: A Critical Reader, edited by Lee Irwin. Reviewed by Kathleen Tigerman
  • Natives and Newcomers: The Cultural Origins of North America, by James Axtell. Reviewed by James Taylor Carson
  • Privileging the Past: Reconstructing History in Northwest Coast Art, by Judith Ostrowitz. Reviewed by Elizabeth A. Newsome
  • Telling a Good One: The Process of a Native American Collaborative Biography, by Theodore Rios and Kathleen Mullen Sands. Reviewed by David Kozak
  • Visit Teepee Town: Native Writings after the Detours, edited by Diane Glancy and Mark Nowak. Reviewed by Stephanie M. McKenzie
  • The Worlds between Two Rivers: Perspectives on American Indians in Iowa, edited by Gretchen M. Bataille, David Mayer Gradwohl, and Charles L. P. Silet. Reviewed by John Richard Beery

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