American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 24, No. 1 (2000)

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Commentary: The Continuing Saga of Indian Land Claims
(a mini-symposium)


  • Bear Butte, by Sheryl L. Nelms
  • Navajo Meltdown, by Sheryl L. Nelms
  • Old Charlie, by Sheryl L. Nelms
  • Snake Rider, by Lorenzo Sh@dow.Sky/Gonzalez
  • Math Test, by Lorenzo Sh@dow.Sky/Gonzalez
  • The Joke, by Lorenzo Sh@dow.Sky/Gonzalez
  • How, by Lorenzo Sh@dow.Sky/Gonzalez
  • Vanishing River, by Lorenzo Sh@dow.Sky/Gonzalez
  • Three Haiku, by Tom Phelan
  • Independence Day, by Gary Gamboa
  • Angels, by Michael Schlemper
  • Whiteout, by Michael Schlemper
  • Cheyenne Reservation at Sunset, by Larry D. Thomas
  • Old Crow, by Larry D. Thomas
  • Fort Davis, by Gerald R. Wheeler
  • Seventh Cavalry Monument in November, by Gerald R. Wheeler
  • Fort Sumner, New Mexico, by Gerald R. Wheeler
  • Memory on a Rainy Day, by Anne Wilson
  • White Sage/Black Sage, by Anne Wilson
  • Maybe Not, by Dawn Karima Pettigrew
  • Minnesota Sorry Song, by Dawn Karima Pettigrew
  • Laguna Pueblo Dream, by Maya Quintero
  • Hierarchy, by Maya Quintero


  • American Indians and National Parks, by Robert H. Keller and Michael F. Turek. Reviewed by Steven Crum
  • Ancient West Mexico: Art and Archeology of the Unknown Past, edited by Richard F. Townsend. Reviewed by Thomas H. Lewis
  • A Cold Day to Die: Murder on the Highway, by Johnny Sughani. Reviewed by Dave Gonzales
  • Daughters of the Buffalo Women: Maintaining the Tribal Faith, by Beverly Hungry Wolf. Reviewed by Ronald Craig
  • Essie`s Story: The Life and Legacy of a Shoshone Teacher, by Esther Burnett Horne and Sally McBeth. Reviewed by Amelia V. Katanski
  • First Person, First Peoples: Native American College Graduates Tell Their Life Stories, edited by Andrew Garrod and Colleen Larimore. Reviewed by Patricia Pierce Erikson
  • Fur Traders from New England: The Boston Men in the North Pacific, 1787–1800, edited by Briton C. Busch and Barry M. Gough. Reviewed by Michael J. Mullin
  • Justice in Aboriginal Communities: Sentencing Alternatives, by Ross Gordon Green. Reviewed by Keith James
  • Kiowa: A Woman Missionary in Indian Territory, by Isabel Crawford. Reviewed by Juanita M. Firestone
  • The Morning the Sun Went Down, by Darryl Babe Wilson. Reviewed by Georgiana Valoyce Sanchez
  • Native Libraries: Cross-Cultural Conditions in the Circumpolar Countries, by Gordon H. Hills. Reviewed by Kenneth Wade
  • The Noontide Sun: The Field Journals of the Reverend Stephen Bowers, by Arlene Benson. Reviewed by Dennis Kelley
  • Peyote Religious Art: Symbols of Faith and Belief, by Daniel C. Swan. Reviewed by Benjamin Perez
  • Powerful Images: Portrayals of Native America, edited by Sarah E. Boehme, et al. Reviewed by Phoebe Farris
  • Rethinking Hopi Ethnography, by Peter M. Whiteley. Reviewed by Carla Olson
  • Ritual and Myth in Odawa Revitalization: Reclaiming a Sovereign Place, by Melissa Pflüg. Reviewed by Justin Richland
  • To Show Heart: Native American Self-Determination and Federal Indian Policy, 1960–1975, by George Pierre Castile. Reviewed by Michelle LeBeau
  • Watermelon Nights, by Greg Sarris. Reviewed by Kenneth Lincoln
  • With My Own Eyes: A Lakota Woman Tells Her People`s History, by Susan Bordeaux Bettelyoun and Josephine Waggoner. Reviewed by Renae Moore Bredin
  • A Zuni Life: A Pueblo Indian in Two Worlds, by Virgil Wyaco. Reviewed by Charles Ynfante

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