American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 23, No. 4 (1999) Special Edition -- Disease, Health, and Survival Among Native Americans

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  • In memory of my long lost grandfather homer, by M. L. Smoker
  • Face of a Thousand Wisdoms, by Mike Catalano
  • Lonni Little Rivers, by Mike Catalano
  • Signs, by Edward Henry
  • Losing the World, by Edward Henry
  • Mission La Purisima, by Barbara Bates
  • Synopsis NAGPRA, by nila northSun
  • The dirt around them, by nila northSun
  • NAGPRA Poem/Prayer, by nila northSun
  • NAGPRA-Prayer Poem, by nila northSun
  • Peaches, by Jack Rickard
  • Sitting Bull at Fort Randall, by Jack Rickard
  • Jamestowne Revisited, by Karenne Wood
  • Oronoco, by Karenne Wood
  • Site of a Massacre, by Karenne Wood


  • Beyond the Lodge of the Sun: Inner Mysteries of the Native American Way, by Chokecherry Gall Eagle. Reviewed by Murray L. Wax
  • Chippewa Families: A Social Study of White Earth Reservation, 1938, by M. Inez Hilger. Reviewed by S. Carol Berg
  • David Zeisberger: A Life Among the Indians, by Earl P. Olmstead. Reviewed by John Richard Beery
  • The Encyclopedia of Native American Legal Tradition, edited by Bruce Elliott Johansen. Reviewed by Roberta Haines
  • The Feathered Heart, by Mark Turcotte. Reviewed by Karen Wallace
  • For This Land: Writings on Religion in America, by Vine Deloria, Jr., edited and with an introduction by James Treat. Reviewed by Natchee Blu Barnd
  • The Heart is Fire: The World of the Cahuilla Indians of Southern California, by Deborah Dozier. Reviewed by Sioux Harvey
  • Indian Slavery, Labor, Evangelization, and Captivity in the Americas: An Annotated Bibliography, by Russell M. Magnaghi. Reviewed by Paul Pasquaretta
  • Indian Summers, by Eric Gansworth. Reviewed by Jerome Klinkowitz
  • Leaving Everything Behind: The Songs and Memories of a Cheyenne Woman, by Bertha Little Coyote and Virginia Giglio. Reviewed by Susan L. Rockwell
  • Nez Perce Coyote Tales: The Myth Cycle, by Deward E. Walker, Jr. in collaboration with Daniel N. Matthews. Reviewed by Anthony Webster
  • Non-Western Educational Traditions: Alternative Approaches to Educational Thought and Practice, by Timothy Reagan. Reviewed by Manley Begay
  • On the Padres` Trail, by Christopher Vecsey. Reviewed by Robert S. McPherson
  • Playing Indian, by Philip J. Deloria. Reviewed by David Kamper
  • The Politics of Second Generation Discrimination in American Indian Education: Incidence, Explanation, and Mitigating Strategies, by David E. Wright, III, Michael Hirlinger, and Robert E. England. Reviewed by Timothy Lintner
  • A Time Before Deception: Truth in Communication, Culture, and Ethics, by Thomas W. Cooper. Reviewed by Richard Morris
  • The Tutor`d Mind: Indian Missionary-Writers in Antebellum America, by Bernd C. Peyer. Reviewed by Sarah Rebekah Mott
  • The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma, by Georgia Rae Leeds. Reviewed by Stephanie A. May
  • War Woman: A Novel of the Real People, by Robert J. Conley. Reviewed by Barbara J. Cook

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