American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 20, No. 4 (1996)

Articles (click on the links below to view abstracts)


  • Black Elk`s Religion: The Sun Dance and Lakota Catholicism, by Clyde Holler. Reviewed by Lee Irwin
  • The Canoe Rocks: Alaska`s Tlingit and the Euramerican Frontier, 1800–1912, by Ted C. Hinckley. Reviewed by David Arnold
  • The Cherokee Cases: The Confrontation of Law and Politics, by Jill Norgren. Reviewed by John Shaw
  • Disease and Social Diversity: The European Impact on the Health of Non-Europeans, by Stephen J. Kunitz. Reviewed by Diane Weiner
  • Education for Extinction: American Indians and the Boarding School Experience, 1875–1928, by David Wallace Adams. Reviewed by Clyde Ellis
  • Grateful Prey: Rock Cree Human-Animal Relationships, by Robert Brightman. Reviewed by Andrew C. Isenberg
  • Mental Health among Elderly Native Americans, by James L. Narduzzi. Reviewed by Karina L. Walters
  • Mi`kmaq Hieroglyphic Prayers: Readings in North America`s First Indigenous Script, edited and translated by David L. Schmidt and Murdena Marshall. Reviewed by Willard Walker
  • Native American Affairs and the Department of Defense, by Donald Mitchell and David Rubenson. Reviewed by Troy R. Johnson
  • Neither Wolf nor Dog: American Indians, Environment, and Agrarian Change, by David Rich Lewis. Reviewed by Tracy J. Andrews
  • The Osage and the Invisible World: From the Works of Francis La Flesche, edited by Garrick A. Bailey. Reviewed by Thomas H. Lewis
  • Our Tellings: Interior Salish Stories of the Nlha7kapmx People, compiled and edited by Darwin Hanna and Mamie Henry. Reviewed by Crisca Bierwert
  • Planning for Balanced Development: A Guide for Native American and Rural Communities, by Susan Guyette. Reviewed by Ross Mallick
  • The Pueblo Revolt of 1680, Conquest and Resistance in Seventeenth-Century New Mexico, by Andrew L. Knaut. Reviewed by Joe S. Sando
  • Severing the Ties that Bind: Government Repression of Indigenous Religious Ceremonies on the Prairies, by Katherine Pettipas. Reviewed by James Treat
  • Signals in the Air: Native Broadcasting in America, by Michael C. Keith. Reviewed by Douglas Heil
  • Spanish Expeditions into Texas, 1689–1768, by William C. Foster. Reviewed by Donald E. Worcester
  • Through All the Displacements: Poems by Edgar Gabriel Silex, by Edgar Gabriel Silex. Reviewed by Roseanne Hoefel
  • Town Creek Indian Mound: A Native American Legacy, by Joffre Lanning Coe. Reviewed by Peter N. Peregrine
  • The Way of the Earth: Native America and the Environment, by John Bierhorst. Reviewed by Ronald E. Craig

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