American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 18, No. 3 (1994)

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  • The Bingo Palace, by Louise Erdrich. Reviewed by Peter G. Beidler
  • Bone Dance, by Wendy Rose. Reviewed by Darryl Babe Wilson
  • Boundaries and Passages: Rule and Ritual in Yup`ik Eskimo Tradition, by Ann Fienup-Riordan. Reviewed by James Ruppert
  • Conversations with Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris, edited by Allan Chavkin and Nancy Feyl Chavkin. Reviewed by Lola L. Hill
  • America, by Matthew Dennis. Reviewed by Mary Druke Becker
  • The de Soto Chronicles: The Expedition of Hernando de Soto to North America in 1539–1543, edited by Lawrence A. Clayton, Vernon James Knight, Jr., and Edward C. Moore. Reviewed by Jeffrey M. Mitchem
  • The Ethnic American Woman: Problems, Protests, Lifestyle, by Edith Blicksilver. Reviewed by Nancy Bonvillain
  • Faces in the Moon, by Betty Louise Bell. Reviewed by Patricia Penn Hilden
  • A Friend to God`s Poor: Edward Parmalee Smith, by William H. Armstrong. Reviewed by Dian Million
  • The Hunt for Willie Boy: Indian Hating and Popular Culture, by James A. Sandros and Larry E. Burgess. Reviewed by Douglas Heil
  • Indian Slavery in the Pacific Northwest, by Robert H. Ruby and John A. Brown. Reviewed by Daniel L. Boxberger
  • Indian Water in the New West, edited by Thomas McGuire, William Lord, and Mary Wallace. Reviewed by Lloyd Burton
  • K`auroondak: Behind the Willows, by Richard Martin, as told to Bill Pfisterer. Reviewed by Julie Cruikshank
  • Manifest Manners: Postindian Warriors of Survivance, by Gerald Vizenor. Reviewed by Ward Churchill
  • Native American Dance: Ceremonies and Social Traditions, edited by Charlotte Heth. Reviewed by Clifford E. Trafzer
  • Ohitika Woman, by Mary Brave Bird, with Richard Erdoes. Reviewed by Lanniko L. Lee
  • Peril at Thunder Ridge, by Anthony Dorame. Reviewed by George Ann Gregory
  • Sacred Encounters: Father De Smet and the Indians of the Rocky Mountain West, by Jacqueline Peterson, with Laura Peers. Reviewed by Roberta Haines
  • Stability and Variation in Hopi Song, by George List. Reviewed by David L. Shaul
  • They Called It Prairie Light: The Story of Chilocco Indian School, by K. Tsianina Lomawaima. Reviewed by Clyde Ellis

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