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American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 18, No. 2 (1994)

Articles (click on the links below to view abstracts)



  • Aboriginal Cultural Adaptations in the Midwestern Prairies, by James A. Brown. Reviewed by James M. Collins
  • After the Trail of Tears: The Cherokees` Struggle for Sovereignty, 1839–1880, by William G. McLoughlin. Reviewed by Howard Meredith
  • American Indian Policy: Self-Governance and Economic Development, edited by Lyman H. Legters and Fremont J. Lyden. Reviewed by Gary C. Anders
  • The Book of Medicines, by Linda Hogan. Reviewed by Paul Rice
  • The Cherokee People, by Thomas E. Mails. Reviewed by William L. Anderson
  • Chiefs and Chief Traders: Indian Relations at Fort Nez Percés, 1818–1855, by Theodore Stern. Reviewed by Merle Wells
  • The Crow and the Eagle: A Tribal History from Lewis and Clark to Custer, by Keith Algier. Reviewed by Martha Harroun Foster
  • Dictionary of the Alabama Language, by Cora Sylestine, Heather K. Hardy, and Timothy Montler. Reviewed by Geoffrey Kimball
  • An Eagle Nation, by Carter C. Revard. Reviewed by Robert Allen Warrior
  • From Mission to Metropolis: Cupeño Indian Women in Los Angeles, by Diana Meyers Bahr. Reviewed by Diane Weiner
  • Grand Endeavors of American Indian Photography, by Paula Richardson Fleming and Judith Lynn Luskey. Reviewed by Mick Gidley
  • In the Spirit of the Earth: Rethinking History and Time, by Calvin Luther Martin. Reviewed by Gerard Reed
  • Navajo Tribal Demography, 1983–1986: A Comparative and Historical Perspective, by Cheryl Howard. Reviewed by Gregory R. Campbell
  • On the Translation of Native American Literatures, edited by Brian Swann. Reviewed by Jane H. Hill
  • Orayvi Revisited: Social Stratification in an "Egalitarian" Society, by Jerrold E. Levy, with assistance from Barbara Pepper. Reviewed by Louis A. Hieb
  • Our Grandmothers` Lives as Told in Their Own Words, edited and translated by Freda Ahenakew and H. C. Wolfart. Reviewed by Loretta Winters
  • The Political Economy of North American Indians, edited by John H. Moore. Reviewed by Terry L. Anderson
  • Sanctuaries of Spanish New Mexico, by Marc Treib. Reviewed by Don Hanlon
  • Stress and Warfare among the Kayenta Anasazi of the Thirteenth Century A.D., by Jonathan Haas and Winifred Creamer. Reviewed by Charles C. Case
  • Tecumseh: Shawnee Rebel, by Robert Cwiklik. Reviewed by Neal D. Hickman

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