American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 17, No. 3 (1993) Special Edition -- Encounter of Two Worlds: The Next Five Hundred Years

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  • American Indians as Cowboys, by Clifford E. Trafzer. Reviewed by George Ann Gregory
  • Anasazi Places: The Photographic Vision of William Current, by Jeffery Cook. Reviewed by Carol Patterson Rudolph
  • Baptism of Desire, by Louise Erdrich. Reviewed by Carolyn Dunn
  • Big Eyes: The Southwestern Photographs of Simeon Schwemberger, 1902–1908, by Paul V. Long. Reviewed by Brian W. Dippie
  • Born a Chief: The Nineteenth Century Hopi Boyhood of Edmund Nequatewa, edited by P. David Seaman. Reviewed by Richard O. Clemmer
  • Brave Are My People: Indian Heroes Not Forgotten, by Frank Waters. Reviewed by Melanie McCoy
  • Captive of the Nootka Indians: The Northwest Coast Adventure of John R. Jewitt, 1802–1806, edited by Alice W. Shurcliff and Sarah Shurcliff Inglefinger. Reviewed by Daniel L. Boxberger
  • Death, Society, and Ideology in a Hohokam Community, by Randall H. McGuire. Reviewed by Shirley Powell
  • Earth and Sky: Visions of the Cosmos in Native American Folklore, edited by Ray A. Williamson and Claire R. Farrer. Reviewed by Eric Anderson
  • Firesticks, by Diane Glancy. Reviewed by Jerome Klinkowitz
  • A Long and Terrible Shadow: White Values, Native Rights in the Americas 1492–1992, by Thomas R. Berger. Reviewed by Michael J. Mullin
  • Love Flute, by Paul Goble. Reviewed by Walter C. Fleming
  • Hiawatha: Messenger of Peace, by Dennis Brindell Fradin. Reviewed by Walter C. Fleming
  • Drifting Snow: An Arctic Search, by James Houston. Reviewed by Walter C. Fleming
  • New World Encounters, edited by Stephen Greenblatt. Reviewed by Bruce E. Johansen
  • The Ordeal of the Longhouse: The Peoples of the Iroquois League in the Era of European Colonization, by Daniel K. Richter. Reviewed by Mary Druke Becker
  • Painting the Dream: The Visionary Art of David Chethlahe Paladin, by Lynda Paladin. Reviewed by Trudy Griffin-Pierce
  • Songs of My Hunter Heart: A Western Kinship, by Robert F. Gish. Reviewed by Stephen Saraydar
  • Teaching American Indian Students, edited by Jon Reyhner. Reviewed by D. Michael Pavel
  • The Thompson Language, by Laurence C. and M. Terry Thompson. Reviewed by Jan P. van Eijk
  • What This Awl Means: Feminist Archaeology at a Wahpeton Dakota Village, by Janet D. Spector. Reviewed by Janet Catherine Berlo
  • White Captives: Gender and Ethnicity on the American Frontier, by June Namias. Reviewed by Nancy Bonvillain

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