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American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 17, No. 2 (1993)

Articles (click on the links below to view abstracts)



  • Among the Dog Eaters, by Adrian C. Louis. Reviewed by Denise Low
  • Canada`s First Nations: A History of Founding Peoples from Earliest Times, by Olive Patricia Dickason. Reviewed by J. Anthony Long
  • Chief Joseph`s Allies, by Clifford E. Trafzer and Richard D. Scheuerman. Reviewed by Merle Wells
  • Choteau Creek: A Sioux Remembrance, by Joseph Iron Eyes Dudley. Reviewed by Beatrice Medicine
  • The Early Years of Native American Art History: The Politics of Scholarship and Collecting, edited by Janet Catherine Berlo. Reviewed by Cornelia S. Feye
  • For an American Autohistory, by Georges E. Sioui, trans. by Sheila Fischman. Reviewed by Karl E. Gilmont
  • The Geography of the Canadian North: Issues and Challenges, by Robert M. Bone. Reviewed by Don Cozzetto
  • Houses Beneath the Rock: The Anasazi of Canyon de Chelly and Navajo National Monument, edited by David G. Noble. Reviewed by Charles C. Case
  • Indian Rock Art of the Columbia Plateau, by James D. Keyser. Reviewed by Phil G. Garn
  • Indian Roots of Democracy, by Jose Barreiro. Reviewed by Wilbur R. Jacobs
  • Indians of the Southeastern United States in the Late 20th Century, edited by J. Anthony Paredes. Reviewed by William L. Leap
  • Land Use, Environment, and Social Change: The Shaping of Island County, Washington, by Richard White. Reviewed by Kathleen A. Dahl
  • Organizing the Lakota: The Political Economy of the New Deal on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations, by Thomas Biolsi. Reviewed by Richmond L. Clow
  • Rainbow Tribe: Ordinary People Journeying on the Red Road, by Ed McGaa, Eagle Man. Reviewed by K. I. Koppedrayer
  • Reflections of the Weaver`s World: The Gloria F. Ross Collection of Contemporary Navajo Weaving, by Ann Lane Hedlund. Reviewed by Susan Brown McGreevy
  • Social Order and Political Change: Constitutional Governments among the Cherokee, the Choctaw, the Chickasaw and the Creek, by Duane Champagne. Reviewed by James H. O`Donnell III
  • State and Reservation: New Perspectives on Federal Indian Policy, edited by George P. Castile and Robert L. Bee. Reviewed by Imre Sutton
  • To Please the Caribou: Painted Caribou-Skin Coats Worn by the Naskapi, Montagnais, and Cree Hunters of the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula, by Dorothy K. Burnham. Reviewed by Nelson H. H. Graburn
  • War in the Tribal Zone: Expanding States and Indigenous Warfare, edited by R. Brian Ferguson and Neil L. Whitehead. Reviewed by Thomas D. Hall
  • What Can Tribes Do? Strategies and Institutions in American Indian Economic Development, edited by Stephen Cornell and Joseph P. Kalt. Reviewed by Dean Howard Smith

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