American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 15, No. 3 (1991)

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  • Atlas of American Indian Affairs, by Francis Paul Prucha. Reviewed by Imre Sutton
  • From the Land of Shadows: The Making of Grey Owl, by Donald B. Smith. Reviewed by Mary Black-Roger
  • American Indian Literatures: An Introduction, Bibliographic Review, and Selected Bibliography, by A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff. Reviewed by Joan Berman
  • The Texas Cherokees: A People Between Two Fires, 1819–1840, by Dianna Everett. Reviewed by Mary Christopher Nunley
  • Nch`i-Wana "The Big River" Mid-Columbia Indians and Their Land, by Eugene Hunn. Reviewed by Douglas Hudson
  • The Struggle for the Land: Indigenous Insight and Industrial Empire in the Semi, edited by Paul A. Olson. Reviewed by Terry L. Anderson
  • Disputed Waters, Native Americans, and the Great Lakes Fishery, by Robert Doherty. Reviewed by Helen Hornbeck Tanner
  • Indians of the Rio Grande Delta: Their Role in the History of Southern Texas and Northern Mexico, by Martin Salinas. Reviewed by Mary Christopher Nunley
  • The Ancient Child, by N. Scott Momaday. Reviewed by Susan Scarberry-Garcia
  • Changing Woman: The Life and Art of Helen Hardin, by Jay Scott. Reviewed by J. J. Brody
  • Mean Spirit, by Linda Hogan. Reviewed by Sidner Larson
  • Bighorse the Warrior, by Tiana Bighorse, edited by Noel Bennett. Reviewed by Peter Iverson
  • Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Our Hope for the Future, by Larry K. Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Steve Van Bockern. Reviewed by Dorothy W. Hewes
  • Winged Words: American Indian Writers Speak, by Laura Coltelli. Reviewed by Andrew Wiget
  • The Osage Ceremonial Dance I`n-Lon-Schka, by Alice Anne Callahan. Reviewed by Jill D. Sweet
  • Native North Americans: An Ethnohistorical Approach, edited by Daniel L. Boxberger. Reviewed by Richard O. Clemmer
  • Books Without Bias: Through Indian Eyes, edited by Beverly Slapin and Doris Seale. Reviewed by Dave Gonzales
  • The Enduring Indians of Kansas: A Century and a Half of Acculturation, by Joseph B. Herring. Reviewed by Robert A. Trennert
  • The Singing Spirit, by Bernd C. Peyer. Reviewed by Mary J. Monette
  • The Pequots in Southern New England: The Fall and Rise of an American Indian Nation, edited by Laurence M. Hauptman and James D. Wherry. Reviewed by Colin G. Calloway


  • Response to Geoff Sanborn from Richard Erdoes

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