American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 14, No. 4 (1990)

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Review Essay


  • The View from Officers` Row: Army Perceptions of Western Indians, by Sherry L. Smith. Reviewed by Raymond Wilson
  • Indians of the Northwest Coast, by Maximilien Bruggman and Peter R. Gerber. Reviewed by David Murray
  • Oklahoma Seminoles, Medicine, Magic, and Religion, by James H. Howard in collaboration with Willie Lena. Reviewed by Donald L. Fixico
  • American Indian Identities: Todays Changing Perspectives, edited by Clifford E. Trafzer. Reviewed by Donna Rosh
  • Oil Age Eskimos, by Joseph G. Jorgensen. Reviewed by Kathleen A. Dahl
  • The Western Abenakis of Vermont, 1600–1800: War, Migration, and the Survival of an Indian People, by Colin G. Calloway. Reviewed by Francis Jennings
  • Ojibway Heritage and Ojibway Ceremonies, by Basil H. Johnston. Reviewed by John F. Boatman
  • Children of Sacred Ground: America`s Last Indian War, by Catherine Feher-Elston. Reviewed by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz
  • Imagine Ourselves Richly: Mythic Narratives of North American Indians, by Christopher Vecsey. Reviewed by Darryl Wilson
  • Gods Among Us: American Indian Masks, edited by Ross Coates. Reviewed by David W. Penney
  • United States-Comanche Relations: The Reservation Years, by William T. Hagan. Reviewed by James D. Nason
  • The Same As Yesterday: The Lillooet Chronicle the Theft of Their Lands and Resources, by Joanne Drake-Terry.  Reviewed by Terrence Cole
  • The Southeastern Ceremonial Complex: Artifacts and Analysis: The Cottonlandia Conference, edited by Patricia Galloway. Reviewed by Eric G. Ackermann
  • The Tunica-Biloxi: Southeast, by Jeffrey P. Brain. Reviewed by William C. Sturtevant
  • Seasons of the Kachina: Proceeding of the California State University, Hayward Conferences on the Western Pueblos, 1987–88, edited by Lowell John Bean. Reviewed by John D. Loftin
  • Pow-Wow: The Contemporary Pan-Indian Celebration, by David Whitehorse. Reviewed by Shirley A. Hauck
  • Archaeological Insights into the Custer Battle: An Assessment of the 1984 Field Season, by Douglas D. Scott and Richard A. Fox, Jr. Reviewed by Raymond Wilson
  • A Victorian Earl in the Arctic: The Travels and Collections of the Fifth Earl of Lonsdale 1888–89, by Shepard Krech III. Reviewed by Catharine McClellan
  • Wild Rice and the Ojibway People, by Thomas Vernum, Jr. Reviewed by John F. Boatman and M. Lee Olsen
  • A History of Indian Education, by Jon Reyhner and Jeanne Eder. Reviewed by Bobby Wright

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