American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 14, No. 3 (1990)

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Review Essay


  • As Long as the Rivers Run: Hydroelectric Development and Native Communities in Western Canada, by James B. Waldram. Reviewed by A. D. Fisher
  • Sun Journey: A Story of Zuni Pueblo, by Ann Nolan Clark. Reviewed by Jill P. May
  • Maricopa Morphology and Syntax, by Lynn Gordon. Reviewed by Heather K. Hardy
  • The Cheyenne Nation: A Social and Demographic History, by John H. Moore. Reviewed by Gregory R. Campbell
  • Pride of the Indian Wardrobe—Northern Athapascan Footwear, by Judy Thompson. Reviewed by Carolyn Balkwell
  • Sagebrush Soldier: Private William Earl Smith`s View of the Sioux War of 1876, by Sherry L. Smith. Reviewed by Catherine Price
  • To Fish in Common: The Ethnohistory of Lummi Indian Salmon Fishing, by Daniel L. Boxberger. Reviewed by Kathleen A. Dahl
  • Cry of the Eagle, by David Young. Reviewed by Alice B. Kehoe
  • Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens: A History of Indian-White Relations in Canada, by J. R. Miller. Reviewed by Cornelius J. Jaenen
  • The Chippewas of Lake Superior, by Edmund Jefferson Danziger. Reviewed by Rebecca Kugel
  • The Iroquois Book of Rites and Hale on the Iroquois, by H. E. Hale. Reviewed by Michael J. Mullin
  • Ancestral Voice: Conversations with N. Scott Momaday, by Charles L. Woodard. Reviewed by Steven Allaback
  • American Indian Autobiography, by H. David Brumble III. Reviewed by Greg Sarris
  • The Interior Salish Tribes of British Columbia: A Photographic Collection, edited by Leslie H. Tepper. Reviewed by Martine J. Reid
  • Robert Brown and the Vancouver Island Exploring Expedition, edited by John Hayman. Reviewed by Daniel L. Boxberger
  • Being and Becoming Indian: Biographical Studies of North American Frontiers, edited by James A. Clifton. Reviewed by Donald A. Grinde, Jr.
  • Native American Architecture, by Peter Nabokov and Robert Easton. Reviewed by Harry Van Oudenallen
  • General and Amerindian Ethnolinguistics: In Remembrance of Stanley Newman, edited by Mary Ritchie Key and Henry M. Hoenigswald. Reviewed by Michael K. Foster
  • Days from a Dream Almanac, by Dennis Tedlock. Reviewed by Denise Low
  • Late Woodland Sites in the American Bottom Uplands, by Charles Bentz, Dale L. McElrath, Fred A. Finney, and Richard B. Lacampagne. Reviewed by Nancy Peterson Walter
  • Feathered Serpents and Flowering Trees: Reconstructing the Murals at Teotihuacan, edited by Kathleen Berrin. Reviewed by Marvin Cohodas
  • In Honor of Mary Haas: From the Haas Festival Conference on Native Linguistics, edited by William Shipley. Reviewed by P. David Seaman
  • Assu of Cape Mudge: Recollections of a Coastal Indian Chief, by Harry Assu, with Joy Inglis. Reviewed by Christopher B. Wooley
  • The Huron: Great Lakes, by Nancy Bonvillain. Reviewed by Bruce G. Trigger
  • The Dakota of the Canadian Northwest: Lessons for Survival, by Peter Douglas Elias. Reviewed by Alice B. Kehoe

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