American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 14, No. 1 (1990)

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  • Powhatan's Mantle: Indians in the Colonial Southeast, edited by Peter Wood, Gregory A. Waselkov, and M. Thomas Hatley. Reviewed by James H. O`Donnell III
  • Navajo Textiles: The William Randolph Hearst Collection, by Nancy J. Blomberg. Reviewed by Kathleen Whitaker
  • Utmost Good Faith: Patterns of Apache-Mexican Hostilities in Northern Chihuahua Border Warfare, 1821–1848, by William B. Griffen. Reviewed by Harwood Hinton
  • The Confederate Cherokees: John Drew's Regiment of Mounted Rifles, by W. Craig Gaines. Reviewed by R. David Edmunds
  • The Indian on Capitol Hill: Indian Legislation and the United States Congress, 1862–1907, by Markku Henriksson. Reviewed by Andrei A. Snamenski
  • Public Policy Impacts on American Indian Economic Development, edited by C. Matthew Snipp. Reviewed by Stephen Cornell
  • Native American Youth and Alcohol: An Annotated Bibliography, by Michael L. Lobb and Thomas D. Watts. Reviewed by Morris A. Forslund
  • Indian Agriculture in America: Prehistory to the Present, by R. Douglas Hurt. Reviewed by Joanna L. Endter
  • Potawatomi of the West: Origins of the Citizen Band, by Joseph Murphy. Reviewed by Peter R. Hacker
  • Art of the Red Earth People: The Mesquakie of Iowa, by Gaylord Torrence and Robert Hobbs. Reviewed by Ted J. Brasser
  • Seneca Myths and Folk Tales, by Arthur C. Parker. Reviewed by Laurence M. Hauptman
  • Maria, by Richard L. Spivey. Reviewed by Clara Lee Tanner
  • Blackfoot Musical Thought: Comparative Perspectives, by Bruno Nettl. Reviewed by Judith A. Gray
  • The Powhatan Indians of Virginia: Their Traditional Culture, by Helen C. Rountree. Reviewed by Pauline Turner Strong
  • The Skin Boats of Saint Lawrence Island, Alaska, by Stephen R. Braund. Reviewed by Catharine McClellan
  • Spirit of the New England Tribes: Indian History and Folklore, 1620–1984, by William S. Simmons. Reviewed by Douglas R. Parks

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