American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 10, No. 3 (1986)

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Review Essay


  • The Federal Cylinder Project: A Guide to Field Cylinder Collections in Federal Agencies. Volume 2: Northeastern Indian Catalog, Southeastern Indian Catalog, edited by Judith A. Gray and Dorothy Sara Lee. Reviewed by Mark E. Forry
  • The Choctaw Before Removal, edited by Carolyn Keller Reeves. Reviewed by Margaret Hutton
  • Trends in Linguistics, Documentation 3: Eastern Ojibwa-Chippewa-Ottawa Dictionary, by Richard A. Rhodes. Reviewed by Robert A. Brightman
  • The North American Indians in Early Photographs, by Paula Richardson Fleming and Judith Luskey. Reviewed by Bill Cohen
  • Tribal Dispossession and the Ottawa Indian University Fraud, by William E. Unrau and H. Craig Miner. Reviewed by Joseph B. Herring
  • Indian Self-Rule: First-Hand Accounts of Indian-White Relations from Roosevelt to Reagan, by Kenneth R. Philip. Reviewed by Laurence M. Hauptman
  • The Indians of Puget Sound: The Notebooks of Myron Eells, edited with an Introduction by George Pierre Castile. Reviewed by Mark S. Fleisher
  • Omaha Indian Music: Historic Recordings from the Fletcher/LaFlesche Collection, edited by Dorothy Sara Lee and Maria La Vigna. Reviewed by Thomas Vennum, Jr.
  • A History of the Navajos: The Reservation Years, by Garrick Bailey and Roberta Glenn Bailey. Reviewed by Richard N. Ellis
  • American Indian Identity: Today`s Changing Perspectives, edited by Clifford E. Trafzer. Reviewed by Donald A. Grinde, Jr.
  • A Narrow Vision: Duncan Campbell Scott and the Administration of Indian Affairs in Canada, by E. Brian Titley. Reviewed by Harold Franklin McGee, Jr.
  • Notes From Indian Country, by Tim Giago. Reviewed by Art Raymond
  • I Wear the Morning Star, by Jamake Highwater. Reviewed by Robert W. Lewis
  • The Sun Came Down, by Percy Bullchild. Reviewed by John C. Ewers
  •  Gullible Coyote = Una`ihu: A Bilingual Collection of Hopi Coyote Stories, by Ekkehart Malotki. Reviewed by Louis A. Hieb
  • The Hopi Ways: Tales from a Vanishing Culture, collected by Mando Sevillano. Reviewed by Louis A. Hieb
  • The Halfbreed Chronicles and Other Poems, by Wendy Rose. Reviewed by Susan Scarberry-Garcia
  • The Beet Queen, by Louise Erdich. Reviewed by John Purdy
  • The Sacred Hoop: Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Traditions, by Paula Gunn Allen. Reviewed by Walter L. Williams
  • Simon Ortiz, by Andrew Wiget. Reviewed by Robert Gish
  • Red Earth, White Earth, by Will Weaver. Reviewed by David Gonzalez

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