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American Indian Theater in Performance: A Reader

Edited by Hanay Geiogamah and Jaye T. Darby, 2000.

This reader is the first comprehensive collection to present the views of leading playwrights, directors, scholars, and educators in contemporary Native theater. A ground-breaking collection of recent and earlier writings, it serves as both an overview of the field and a source book for further study and performance. Locating Native theater within the rich contexts of Native communities, tribal sources of creativity, performance traditions, and artistic innovations, the articles and interviews provide historical context and offer perspectives on directing, dramaturgy, and new play development in Native theater.

414 pp.

$20 paper;  ISBN 978-0-935626-52-2


Introduction: A Talking Circle on Native Theater
Jaye T. Darby

Credo for American Indian Literature
Lloyd Kiva New
Setting the Stage: An Historical Overview
Duane Champagne
The Sacred Hoop: A Contemporary Perspective
Paula Gunn Allen
Conducting Ceremony
Ed McGaa, Eagle Man
Native American Theatre
Jeffrey F. Huntsman
The Indian as Media Hand-Me-Down
Donald L. Kaufmann
Noble or Ruthless Savage? The American Indian on Stage and in the Drama
Don B. Wilmeth


The New American Indian Theater: An Introduction
Hanay Geiogamah

Emergence and Discovery: Native American Theater Comes of Age
Bruce King
The American Indian Theatre Ensemble
Kent R. Brown
The Theater of Hanay Geiogamah
Annamaria Pinazzi
"Come to the Ceremonial Circle": Ceremony and Renewal in Hanay Geiogamah's 49
Jaye T. Darby
The American Indian Community House
Sally Ann Heath
"Circles Upon Circles Upon Circles": Native Women in Theater and Performance
Ann Haugo
Alive and Well: Native Theatre in Canada
Drew Hayden Taylor
Native Voices: New Directions in New Play Development
Randy Reinholz and Jean Bruce Scott
Old Circles, New Circles
Hanay Geiogamah

MELUS Interview: Hanay Geiogamah
Kenneth Lincoln
Native Playwrights' Newsletter Interview: Bruce King
Paul Rathbun
Native Playwrights' Newsletter Interview: Lisa Mayo
Ann Haugo
Native Playwrights' Newsletter Interview: William Yellow Robe Jr.
Paul Rathbun
Native American Theater and the Theater That Will Come
Diane Glancy
Reaching into the Stream
Elizabeth Theobald

Contemporary Native Theater: Bibliography and Resource Materials
Ann Haugo