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Vol. 32, No. 4 2008


  • Chiefs, Churches, and “Old Industries”: Photographic Representations of Alabama-Coushatta and Coushatta Culture and Identity, by Stephanie May de Montigny
  • Understanding Contextual Differences in American Indian Criminal Justice, by Larry Long
  • Out of the Woods and into the Museum: Charles A. Eastman’s 1910 Collecting Expedition across Ojibwe Country, by David Martínez
  • More Than One Mask: The Context of NAGPRA for Museums and Tribes, by Edward M. Luby
  • The Hopi Clown Ceremony (Tsukulalwa), by Louis A. Hieb


  • A Research Note on American Indian Criminal Justice, by Rich Braunstein

A Special Literary Tribute to Paula Gunn Allen

  • Paula Gunn Allen and Grandmother Spider, by Linda Hogan
  • “Puff”, by Suleiman Allen
  • Long-Distance Gifts, by Stephanie A. Sellers
  • First Language, by Mary Churchill
  • Deer Woman, by Mary Churchill
  • Shawl Poem, by Joanna Brooks
  • May 18, 2008, by Leslie Kay
  • Home Calling, by Susan Deer Cloud
  • Spider Woman, by Carolyn Dunn
  • Last Supper in Fort Bragg, California, by Lauralee Brown


  • Being and Place among the Tlingit, by Thomas F. Thornton. Reviewed by Anthony K. Webster
  • The Cultivation of Resentment: Treaty Rights and the New Right, by Jeffery R. Dudas. Reviewed by Raymond I. Orr
  • Diabetes among the Pima: Stories of Survival, by Carolyn Smith-Morris. Reviewed by David Kozak
  • Essential Song: Three Decades of Northern Cree Music, by Lynn Whidden. Reviewed by T. Chris Aplin
  • First Families: A Photographic History of California Indians, by L. Frank and Kim Hogeland. Reviewed by Natchee Blu Barnd
  • Households and Hegemony: Early Creek Prestige Goods, Symbolic Capital, and Social Power, by Cameron B. Wesson. Reviewed by Joyotpaul Chaudhuri
  • From the Iron House: Imprisonment in First Nations Writing, by Deena Rymhs. Reviewed by Victoria Bomberry
  • Me Sexy: An Exploration of Native Sex and Sexuality, by Drew Hayden Taylor. Reviewed by Carol Zitzer-Comfort
  • Native Americans and the Christian Right: The Gendered Politics of Unlikely Alliances, by Andrea Smith. Reviewed by Michelene Pesantubbee
  • Native American Landscapes of St. Catherine’s Island, Georgia (3 volumes), by David Hurst Thomas with contributions by twenty-five other authors. Reviewed by Ervan G. Garrison
  • The Orayvi Split: A Hopi Transformation (2 volumes) , by Peter M. Whiteley. Reviewed by Pat Sekaquaptewa
  • Place and Native American Indian History and Cultur. Edited by Joy Porter. Reviewed by Laura Harjo
  • Pre-Removal Choctaw History: Exploring New Paths. Edited by Greg O’Brien.
    Reviewed by George E. Milne
  • Race and the Cherokee Nation: Sovereignty in the Nineteenth Century, by Fay A. Yarbrough. Reviewed by Robert Keith Collins
  • Reckonings: Contemporary Short Fiction by Native American Women. Edited by Hertha D. Sweet Wong, Lauren Stuart Muller, and Jana Sequoya Magdaleno. Reviewed by Shirley Brozzo
  • Red Land, Red Power: Grounding Knowledge in the American Indian Novel, by Sean Kicummah Teuton. Reviewed by Lucy Maddox
  • Running from Coyote: A White Family among the Navajo, by Danalee Buhler. Reviewed by Lisa Marling
  • In the Shadow of the Eagle: A Tribal Representative in Maine, by Donna M. Loring. Reviewed by J. Cedric Woods
  • Weaving Is Life: Navajo Weavings from the Edwin L. and Ruth E. Kennedy Southwest Native American Collection. Edited by Jennifer McLerran. Reviewed by Paul G. Zolbrod
  • The Women’s Warrior Society, by Lois Beardslee. Reviewed by Leah Sneider