American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 38, No. 1 (2014) 

Leveraging Cultural Capital to Help Prevent
Diabetes in Native Communities

Guest Editors: Jennie R. Joe and Robert S. Young



  • The Blackfeet Are A Tall, Dark, Noble Stoic People…Then There Is Me
  • A Collaboration with O
  • Young Man and the Women of Very Bad Character
  • Shop Talk
                    Bill Wetzel


  • The Allotment Plot: Alice C. Fletcher, E. Jane Gay, and Nez Perce Survivance. By Nicole Tonkovich.  Reviewed by Leonard A. Carlson
  • Brothers Born of One Mother: British-Native American Relations in the Colonial Southeast. By Michelle LeMaster. Reviewed by Elizabeth Archuleta
  • Cherokee Stories of the Turtle Island Liars’ Club. By Christopher B. Teuton. Reviewed by Patti Jo King
  • Civilizing the Wilderness: Culture and Nature in Pre-Confederation Canada and Rupert’s Land. By A. A. den Otter. Reviewed by Naomi McIlwraith
  • Colonial Entanglement: Constituting a Twenty-First-Century Osage Nation. By Jean Dennison. Reviewed by Alex Tallchief Skibine
  • Community-Based Archaeology: Research with, by, and for Indigenous and Local Communities. By Sonya Atalay. Reviewed by Craig N. Cipolla
  • Geronimo. By Robert M. Utley. Reviewed by Philip J. Greenfeld
  • The Indianization of Lewis and Clark. By William R. Swagerty. Reviewed by Selene Phillips
  • Keystone Nations: Indigenous Peoples and Salmon across the North Pacific. Edited by Benedict J. Colombi and James F. Brooks. Reviewed by Gina D. Stuart-Richard
  • Native Americans on Film:  Conversations, Teaching, and Theory. Edited by M. Elise Marubbio and Eric L. Buffalohead. Reviewed by Leighton C. Peterson
  • Native Performers in Wild West Shows: From Buffalo Bill to Euro Disney. By Linda Scarangella McNenly. Reviewed by Gabriela Spears-Rico
  • The Only One Living to Tell: The Autobiography of a Yavapai Indian. By Mike Burns.  Edited by Gregory McNamee. Reviewed by Paul Brooke
  • The Red Land to the South: American Indian Writers and Indigenous Mexico. By James H. Cox. Reviewed by Beth H. Piatote
  • Reservation “Capitalism”: Economic Development in Indian Country. By Robert J. Miller. Reviewed by Gavin Clarkson
  • Stories in a New Skin: Approaches to Inuit Literature. By Keavy Martin. Reviewed by James Ruppert
  • This Indian Country: American Indian Activists and the Place They Made. By Frederick Hoxie. Reviewed by Leece M. Lee
  • Tohopeka: Rethinking the Creek War and the War of 1812. Edited by Kathryn E. Holland Braund. Reviewed by Karim M. Tiro
  • Trans-Indigenous: Methodologies for Global Native Literary Studies. By Chadwick Allen. Reviewed by Nadine Attewell
  • Tuscarora: A History. By Anthony F. C. Wallace. Reviewed by Christopher Arris Oakley
  • We Will Secure Our Future: Empowering the Navajo Nation. By Peterson Zah and Peter Iverson. Reviewed by Nanebah Nez

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