American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 33, No. 1 (2009)




  • American Indians and State Law: Sovereignty, Race, and Citizenship, 1790-1880, by Deborah A. Rosen. Reviewed by Bethany R. Berger
  • Architectural Variability in the Southeast, edited by Cameron H. Lacquement. Reviewed by Ted Jojola
  • Art from Fort Marion: The Silberman Collection, by Joyce M. Szabo. Reviewed by William C. Meadows
  • Bad Fruits of the Civilized Tree: Alcohol and the Sovereignty of the Cherokee Nation, by Izumi Ishii. Reviewed by Joshua Piker
  • Border Fictions: Globalization, Empire, and Writing at the Boundaries of the United States, by Claudia Sadowski-Smith. Reviewed by Margaret Noori
  • The Comanche Empire, by Pekka Kalevi Hamalainen. Reviewed by Brad Montgomery-Anderson
  • Encounters of the Spirit: Native Americans and European Colonial Religion, by Richard W. Pointer. Reviewed by John K. Donaldson
  • Leslie Marmon Silko`s Ceremony: The Recovery of Tradition, by Robert M. Nelson. Reviewed by Edward W. Huffstetler
  • The Life and Traditions of the Red Man: A Rediscovered Treasure of Native American Literature, by Joseph Nicolar. Reviewed by Carla Mulford
  • Native American Women`s Studies: A Primer, by Stephanie A. Sellers. Reviewed by Elizabeth Archuleta
  • Opening Archaeology: Repatriation`s Impact on Contemporary Research and Practice, edited by Thomas Killion. Reviewed by Wendy G. Teeter
  • Out of the Shadow: Ecopsychology, Story, and Encounters with the Land, by Rinda West. Reviewed by Ellen L. Arnold
  • Patterns of Exchange: Navajo Weavers and Traders, by Teresa J. Wilkins. Reviewed by Connie A. Jacobs
  • The People Have Never Stopped Dancing: Native American Modern Dance Histories, by Jacqueline Shea Murphy. Reviewed by Jaye T. Darby
  • Sacred Claims: Repatriation and Living Tradition, by Greg Johnson. Reviewed by Bonita Lawrence
  • Salish Myths and Legends: One People`s Stories, edited by M. Terry Thompson and Steven M. Egesdal. Reviewed by Anthony K. Webster
  • The State, Removal and Indigenous Peoples in the United States and Mexico, 1620-2000, by Claudia B. Haake. Reviewed by Randall H. McGuire
  • The Tupac Amaru and Catarista Rebellions: An Anthology of Sources, edited and translated by Ward Stavig and Ella Schmidt. Reviewed by José Barreiro
  • Wings in the Desert: A Folk Ornithology of the Northern Pimans, by Amadeo M. Rea. Reviewed by Brad Montgomery-Anderson
  • Women Who Pioneered Oklahoma: Stories from the WPA Narratives, edited by Terri M. Baker and Connie Oliver Henshaw. Reviewed by David Chang

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