American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 29, No. 4 (2005)



  • 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, by Charles C. Mann. Reviewed by Bruce E. Johansen
  • American Indian Themes in Young Adult Literature, by Paulette F. Molin. Reviewed by John E. Smelcer
  • Black, White, and Indian: Race and the Unmaking of an American Family, by Claudio Saunt. Reviewed by Joshua Piker
  • Chaco Canyon: Archaeologists Explore the Lives of an Ancient Society, by Brian Fagan. Reviewed by H. Wolcott Toll
  • Cherokee Medicine Man: The Life and Work of a Modern-Day Healer, by Robert J. Conley. Reviewed by Benjamin R. Kracht
  • The Cherokee Nation: A History, by Robert J. Conley. Reviewed by Andrew Denson
  • Crow Is My Boss: The Oral Life History of a Tanacross Athabaskan Elder, by Kenny Thomas Sr. Reviewed by Jennifer L. L. Carroll
  • The Earth`s Blanket: Traditional Teachings for Sustainable Living, by Nancy J. Turner. Reviewed by Michael H. Horn
  • Faith and Boundaries: Colonists, Christianity, and Community among the Wampanoags of Martha`s Vineyard, 1600–1871, by David J. Silverman. Reviewed by Mark A. Nicholas
  • The Island Chumash: Behavioral Ecology of a Maritime Society, by Douglas J. Kennett. Reviewed by Mark Tveskov
  • Native American Picture Books of Change: The Art of Historic Children`s Editions, by Rebecca C. Benes. Reviewed by Naomi R. Caldwell (Ramapough Lenape)
  • Off-Season City Pipe, by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke. Reviewed by Philip Heldrich
  • Rachel`s Children: Stories from a Contemporary Native American Woman, by Lois Beardslee. Reviewed by Dorothy A. Nason
  • Remember This!: Dakota Decolonization and the Eli Taylor Narratives, by Waziyatawin Angela Wilson. Reviewed by Raymond Bucko
  • Silent Snow: The Slow Poisoning of the Arctic, by Marla Cone. Reviewed by Bruce E. Johansen
  • Subjects unto the Same King: Indians, English, and the Contest for Authority in Colonial New England, by Jenny Hale Pulsipher. Reviewed by David J. Silverman
  • Tending the Wild: Native American Knowledge and the Management of California`s Natural Resources, by M. Kat Anderson. Reviewed by Nile Thompson, C. Dale Sloat
  • Three Nations, One Place: A Comparative Ethnohistory of Social Change among the Comanches and Hasinais during Spain`s Colonial Era, 1689–1821, by Martha McCollough. Reviewed by Joaquín Rivaya Martínez
  • To Marry an Indian: The Marriage of Harriett Gold and Elias Boudinot in Letters, 1823–1839, edited by Theresa Strouth Gaul. Reviewed by Benjamin L. Perez
  • The Truth about Stories: A Native Narrative, by Thomas King. Reviewed by Michael Snyder

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