American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 22, No. 1 (1998)




  • A Southwestern Paleoindian Cuts a Blade Behind Yucca, by Romy Shinn
  • Blackwater Draw: 8,900 B.C., by Romy Shinn
  • A Scorpion Danced in Mud, by Romy Shinn
  • Iroquois Backboard Rebound Song I, by Eric Gansworth
  • Iroquois Backboard Rebound Song II, by Eric Gansworth
  • On the Lack of Needing My Indian Celebrity Sunglasses, by Eric Gansworth
  • Mystic Powers II, by Eric Gansworth
  • Traditional Blanket, by Eric Gansworth
  • A Final Word to the Trickster Rafinesque, by Jo Lynne Harline
  • Helping the Sun Come the Old Way, by Jo Lynne Harline
  • The Last of Her Kind, by Toni McNeilly


  • Agayuliyararput: Kegginaqut, Kangiit-llu/Our Way of Making Prayer: Yup`ik Masks and the Stories They Tell, by Marie Meade. Edited by Ann Fienup-Riordan. Reviewed by Phyllis Morrow
  • American Indians in World War I, at War and at Home, by Thomas A. Britten. Reviewed by Gina Lola Worthington
  • Blue Dawn, Red Earth: New Native American Storytellers, edited by Clifford E. Trafzer. Reviewed by Toni A. Culjak
  • The Caddos, the Wichitas, and the United States, 1846–1901, by F. Todd Smith. Reviewed by Thomas W. Cowger
  • Dahcotah: Life and Legends of the Sioux around Fort Snelling, by Mary Henderson Eastman. Reviewed by Helen M. Bannan
  • The Fatal Confrontation: Historical Studies of American Indians, Environment, and Historians, by Wilbur R. Jacobs. Reviewed by Philip G. Terrie
  • Hopi Basket Weaving: Artistry in Natural Fibers, by Helga Teiwes. Reviewed by Marvin Cohodas
  • Little, by David Treuer. Reviewed by Karsten Fitz
  • Lushootseed Reader with Introductory Grammar, Volume 1: Four Stories from Edward Sam, by Thom Hess. Reviewed by Donna B. Gerdts
  • Mediation in Contemporary Native American Fiction, by James Ruppert. Reviewed by Dennis R. Hoilman
  • The Native American in Long Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography, by Joan Bream and Barbara Branstad. Reviewed by Linc Kesler
  • Native American Verbal Art: Texts and Contexts, by William Clements. Reviewed by Derek Milne
  • Native Americans, Crime, and Justice, edited by Marianne O. Neilsen and Robert A. Silverman. Reviewed by Zug. G. Standing Bear
  • New Worlds for All: Indians, Europeans, and the Remaking of Early America, by Colin G. Calloway. Reviewed by Francis Jennings
  • One Nation Under God: The Triumph of the Native American Church, by Huston Smith and Reuben Snake. Reviewed by Lee Irwin
  • Seth Eastman: A Portfolio of North American Indians, by Sarah E. Boehme, Christian F. Feest, and Patricia Condon Johnston. Reviewed by Alfred Young Man
  • Son of Two Bloods, by Vincent L. Mendoza. Reviewed by Charles Ynfante
  • The Telling of the World: Native American Stories and Art, edited by W. S. Penn. Reviewed by Jack W. Marken
  • To Change Them Forever: Indian Education at the Rainy Mountain Boarding School, 1983–1920, by Clyde Ellis. Reviewed by Timothy Lintner
  • Why I Can`t Read Wallace Stegner and Other Essays: A Tribal Voice, by Elizabeth Cook-Lynn. Reviewed by Renae Moore Bredin

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