American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 20, No. 1 (1996)



  • The Absence of Angels, by W.S. Penn. Reviewed by Michael Eldridge
  • All My Sins Are Relatives, by W.S. Penn. Reviewed by Michael Eldridge
  • The Cherokees and Christianity, 1794–1870: Essays on Acculturation and Cultural Persistence, by William G. McLaughlin, edited by Walter H. Conser, Jr. Reviewed by Sarah H. Hill
  • Drinking Careers: A Twenty-Five Year Study of Three Navajo Populations, by Steven J. Kunitz and Jerrold E. Levy. Reviewed by Philip A. May
  • Enduring Traditions: The Native Peoples of New England, edited by Laurie Weinstein. Reviewed by Charles A. Bishop
  • A Face in the Rock, by Loren R. Graham. Reviewed by Debra A. Burdick
  • Indian Country: A History of Native People in America, by Karen D. Harvey and Lisa D. Harjo. Reviewed by Ronald E. Craig
  • Molly Spotted Elk: A Penobscot in Paris, by Bunny McBride. Reviewed by Diana Meyers Bahr
  • Native America in the Twentieth Century: An Encyclopedia, edited by Mary B. Davis. Reviewed by Lee Miller
  • Native American Art and the New York Avant-Garde: A History of Cultural Primitivism, by W. Jackson Rushing. Reviewed by Erik Trump
  • The Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute: An American Tragedy, by David M. Brugge. Reviewed by Richard O. Clemmer
  • Navajo Multi-Household Social Units: Archaeology on Black Mesa, Arizona, by Thomas R. Rocek. Reviewed by Charles C. Case
  • Partial Recall, edited by Lucy R. Lippard. Reviewed by Joanna C. Scherer
  • The Spiritual Quest: Transcendence in Myth, Religion, and Science, by Robert M. Torrance. Reviewed by Kenneth M. Morrison
  • Stories That Make the World: Oral Literature of the Indian Peoples of the Inland Northwest, as told by Lawrence Aripa, Tom Yellowtail, and Other Elders, edited by Rodney Frey. Reviewed by Mark Nowak
  • Taking Control: Power and Contradiction in First Nations Adult Education, by Celia Haig-Brown. Reviewed by Margery Fee
  • They Call Me Agnes: A Crow Narrative Based on the Life of Agnes Yellowtail Deernose, by Fred W. Voget. Reviewed by Walter C. Fleming
  • Tribes and Tribulations, by Laurence M. Hauptman. Reviewed by Jerry Stubben
  • Voice of the Turtle: American Indian Literature, 1900–1970, edited and with an introduction by Paula Gunn Allen. Reviewed by P. Jane Hafen
  • Vortex of Indian Fevers, by Adrian C. Louis. Reviewed by Robert L. Berner
  • When Indians Were Cowboys: Native Peoples and Cattle Ranching in the American West, by Peter Iverson. Reviewed by Howard Meredith

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