American Indian Culture and Research Journal: Vol. 11, No. 4 (1987)



Review Essay


  • The History and Culture of Iroquois Diplomacy: An Interdisciplinary Guide to the Treaties of the Six Nations and Their League, edited by Francis Jennings, William N. Fenton, and Mary A. Druke. Reviewed by Robert S. Grumet
  • Peyote Religion, A History, by Omer C. Stewart. Reviewed by David F. Aberle
  • Navajo Medicine Bundles or Jish: Acquisition, Transmission, and Disposition of the Past and Present, by Charlotte J. Frisbie. Reviewed by Virgil J. Vogel
  • Beyond the Vision, by William K. Powers. Reviewed by Elizabeth Cook-Lynn
  • The Wolves of Heaven: Cheyenne Shamanism, Ceremonies, and Prehistoric Origins, by Karl H. Schlesier. Reviewed by Gregory R. Campbell
  • Introduction to Wisconsin Indians: Prehistory to Statehood, by Carol I. Mason. Reviewed by John F. Boatman
  • Water and Poverty in the Southwest, by F. Lee Brown and Helen N. Ingram. Reviewed by Gary D. Sandefur
  • Bibliography of the Catawba, compiled and annotated by Thomas J. Blumer. Reviewed by James H. Merrell
  • The Hasinais: Southern Caddoans as Seen by the Earliest Europeans, by Herbert Eugene Bolton (1870–1903), edited and with an introduction by Russell M. Magnaghi. Reviewed by Howard Meredith
  • The Life and Times of Little Turtle, First Sangamore of the Wabash, by Harvey Lewis Carter. Reviewed by Edith Blicksilver
  • Faces, Voices and Dreams: A Celebration of the Centennial of the Sheldon Jackson Museum, 1888–1988, edited by Peter L. Corey. Reviewed by Aldona Jonaitis
  • The Raven`s Tail, by Cheryl Samuel. Reviewed by Aldona Jonaitis
  • Survival This Way: Interviews with American Indian Poets, by Joseph Bruchac. Reviewed by John Woodrow Presley

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